Turks and Caicos

Caicos Cafe - Wahoo Carpaccio
Suggested Eating Itinerary

Provo 2018

Provo 2017

Provo 2016

Provo 2015

7 Bites (11/3/14)

7 Bites (6/29/14)

7 Bites (3/4/14)

7 Bites (7/11/13)

7 Bites (5/7/13)

WWH Dining Guide


Note:  I dont like to write negative review.  If the restaurant isnt listed here, chances are we didnt like it enough either after one visit or multiple.

Las Brisas,  Bay Bistro,  Lemon (Closed),  Bugaloo’s,  Caicos Cafe, More Caicos Cafe, What to order at Caicos Cafe, Seven, Via Veneto, Lupo, Seaside CafeHemingways,  Le Bouchon,  Garam Masala,  Flamingo’s,  Beach House,  Jerkey’s (Closed), Mis Amigos, Caicos Bakery, Coco Bistro, Sweet T’s, Three Queens, Caravel, Simone’s

Seaside - tuna sashimi


Where When How

Turks and Caicos Reservations – Island Vacation experts that are based in Turks and Caicos – they can customize your TCI vacation and book everything… hotel, car, restaurants, dental appointments… Its like your local travel agency except that they actually live there and know what the hell they are talking about. I know these guys personally and I can vouch for them

TCR Dining Guide – Organized list of places and menus

Seven Stars Survival Guide

Directions to Taylor Bay

Amy’s Guide to Middle Caicos

Provo Children’s Home, Wishlist

Hitler Does Provo

Camke’s Paintings, Pictures

ProvoBum’s Links

Ziggy’s Pictures

Island Fish Fry




8 thoughts on “Turks and Caicos

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  5. Fritz

    any idea if your 2016 places are still in biz?

    dig your Hells itinerary. Sacco and Don Antonio ……..mmmmm.
    I’m sure you know that Emp Mama is open again and every bit as good as it ever was, despite the dress up.
    If you haven’t …. Le Berg on 52nd W of 10th, Annabels, Kilo, and Casellula.
    Der Krung and Noodies offer better than average Americanized Thai.

  6. Hey Fritz, yes been to most of the places you mentioned including Mama since they opened. With three great Thai places that I like its hard to dig around the American Thai, but Noodles has been on teh radar for a while.

    Is your question about TCI? Yes, they are all open. Read the 2017 recap as well

  7. Fritz

    cool. thanks for getting back. wish I found your site before we’d booked TCI, but I think we did alright.
    Time will tell.
    Trying to decide between car rental or taxi. Most suggest the former. May spook my wife being on the left.
    Have you been to Sri Pra Phai in Woodside or Pye Boat in Astoria and the UES? Went to those with Thai friends. Sri is a bit wacky, but Pye Boat is great.

  8. Fritz

    just got back from Caicos. Provence was excellent!


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