Sweet T’s – Sweet Compromise {TCI}

Sweet T's ChickenHave you ever taken a Bulldog to a park that also happens to be his favorite pooping ground?  Its quite a sight.  The anticipation makes him (and you) sprint with delight while farting the entire time.  “Does he always do this”  I asked my friend Val.  “Without fail”.  The same type of anticipation fills us while sitting on the plane that just arrived in Provo, trying to figure out if we are closer to the front or rear of the plane for quicker exit.  The fact that we are the only ones looking back while everyone else looks forward reminds me that everyone is here for the very first time, and some of them are staring at me wondering about my purpose.  “The front of the plane is this way buddy.  Too much to drink?”

Food is on my mind.  But in this case its more of a hurdle to the main treat.. Grace Bay beach.  I gotta have something delicious but quick enough so we could still make a run for booze and have a productive burn-fest (although in this trip it turned into more of a Burning Man festival due to the initial heat and pain).Sweet T's

Enter Sweet T’s.  Right off Airport Road, just pass the first major roundabout, after the pink flamingo sign on your right.  No sign, so look for this building.  There will most likely be a line of locals without a tourist in sight but do not despair.  The chicken is of the delicious kind.  Crispy, moist, juicy, and just enough of a kick.  The drumettes look like fat popsicles.  Oh, and “cheap” is an understatement.  You order by the dollar.  $8 of chicken (more than the 4 of us needed.  see picture above?  two of those containers.  $6 would have been fine), $2 of fries, and $2 cokes meant 2 cans of coke.  Thats a $12 meal for 4, quick bite, and off we go for this.  leave some chicken crumbs in your rental in the middle somewhere.  Chances are you will see at some point the same rentals (model, color) parked near yours, and the crumbs will help determine which is yours.Sweet T's Chicken


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