Beautiful by Nature

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That’s my youngest above, staring ever so watchfully at the looming cloud action over Grace Bay, Providenciales.  Knowing her, she must be wondering at that moment which direction the clouds are moving, and whether she’s allowed to have steak tonight.  She then remembers that she had steak yesterday and tonight is most likely fish night, and continues to wonder if she would be happier with another family where she could eat, like a lot more steak, and have more sleepovers.  Steak sleepovers!  Me and 3 of my closest friends, nails, hair, Peter Luger, sleepover.  What if that adopted family isn’t that close to Peter Luger or even a decent Hibachi.  Thoughts slowly shift back to “Pretty Little Liars”.  One out of many random thoughts during our 9 nights in our adopted home of Turks and Caicos.  Here’s a recap of what we did


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2 thoughts on “Beautiful by Nature

  1. Irina

    Finally! A very detailed and thorough post!

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