Seven Provo Bites – October 2014

Seaside - Tuna Sashimi

A sample of some of Provos top dishes as featured in the latest issue of Where When How.  For past Provo Bites, click here.

Grouper at Three Queens – Any more “local” than this, and you are waking up early to milk the cow, play a game of dominoes, and take the kids to school.  The cliche “like eating at someone’s house” was born when someone ate at Three Queens.  Fresh grouper, lightly seasoned and sautéed to flaky perfection, comes with rice and peas, and slaw.  While other groupers on the islands require heavy dressing and extra seasoning to compensate for their unfreshness, this one needs no messing around with.  Just stop by at the church first on the way to pray the fish is on the board today.  Or jus call Dick.  Whatever works!

Three Queens Grouper
Yellowfin Tuna at Le Bouchon Du Village –  Touchdown!  Score another one to column favorite Le Bouchon which keeps producing dishes more robust than the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Squad (Let me know when it becomes obvious that I’m watching Football while writing this.  My Fantasy team is losing so I need to focus on something else.  Its not working).  Black sesame crusted, lightly seared tuna, gently dressed with ginger tomato reduction just enough to bring out the flavor of the fish and take it to the next level.  Add Jasmine rice, fresh veggies action on the side including avocado and you got yourself a winning dish.  Plugging another classic to the list that already includes the Conch Chowder, Escargot and the Steak au Poivre.  That’s a great meal right there
Le Bouchon Tuna
Ribs at Chinson’s – Ribs, the official cure to summertime sadness!  These babies were wet rubbed, super tender, with a little kick, and quite possibly the best ribs I ever had in Provo.  Helped by an owner that redefines “Hospitality”.  Combine the ribs with their Jerk Chicken, the homemade ginger beer and the highway view in front of you transforms into a field of tulips… with potcakes, rainbows and an ocean in the background.
Chinson's Ribs
Fish and Chips at Hemingway’s.  While we can debate who has the best fish tacos (hint: Hemingway’s) until the conchs come home, there’s no debating who got the best Fish and Chips.  An absolute must for us on every visit.  “Meaty”, flaky fried grouper, along with Belgian style fries cut and seasoned to perfection.  Let me put this another way..  The dish is so good, it will make your kids put their phones down and tell you about their day!
 Hemingways Fish and Chips
Octopus at Caicos Café.  Just Octopus!  Not mixed in with pasta, risotto, dehydrated shrimp and scallop sauces.  Just the octopus please.  A selfie worthy beauty from Portugal, via Miami.  You can tell sometimes by the size of those things that Portugal is the source.  And no one on the island can make it as tender and flavorful as “Mad Max” from Caicos Cafe.  Last time I ordered an octopus dish like this in NYC it was as much fun as a vasectomy consolation.
Caicos Cafe Octopus
Jerked Gherkin at Danny Buoy’s.  One of the most surprisingly tasty little bites as of late came from Danny Buoy’s during the World Cup final.  We had to double down on this to lower the agony of defeat.  Jerky Dill Pickle, cheese, and bacon, essentially all the basic necessities wrapped in pastry with spicy chipotle-like sauce.  Like tiny pickle/bacon Wellingtons.
Danny Buoy's Jerked Gherkin
Tuna Sashimi with Wasabi mustard at Seaside (Top) – Young chef Francois has more moves than Nicky Minaj.  He takes South Caicos caught tuna “cubes”, adds fresh radishes, scallions and tomatoes, dresses it lightly with wasabi mustard and layers it all nicely on Teriyaki glazed tortilla chips.  A tuna festival in your mouth.  And if you don’t order the lobster risotto and the now legendary Peruvian Conch Salad, we are no longer in speaking terms.  “Hi”, “bye”, that’s it!
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