Turks and Caicos – Hemingway’s

Hemingway's - Conch FrittersA trip to Provo feels incomplete to us without lunch at Hemingway’s at the Sands.  This was our first meal in Provo when we discovered the island back in 2006 while staying at the Sands so the sentimental value is there.  But I dont go back for sentimental values alone, nor for just the view, nor for Jojo’s bell which you have to ring when you see Jojo the dolphin.  I didnt know at first and rang it when I was ready for dessert.

Ordering at Hemingway’s is quite simple for us.  Tacos, Fish and Chips, Conch Fritters please, no menus needed.

Hemingway's - Fish TacosThe tacos are some of the best on the island.  While other popular establishments pack theirs with green peppers, avocado, red peppers, purple peppers and brown avocados, here its pretty simple.  Hefty pieces of grilled fish with a hint of sour cream and savory sweet mango chutney that compliment the fish beautifully.  Hmmm that reminds me, Mrs Ziggy are you reading?  What happened to the fish tacos with spicy mayo you used to make?

Hemingways - Fish and ChipsJust like the tacos, we also tried plenty of the various fish and chips on the island and this one is our favorite.  Lightly fried pretty good size groupers with perfectly seasoned “meaty”, just like I like em fries.  I prefer nicely seasoned over nicely sauced.

And just like with the tacos, and fish and chips (Ok I know I’m beginning to sound like Dr Seuss and need to stop) we tried all sorts of conch fritters on the island and this one is one of our favorites.  It got that perfect crispy exterior and works very well with the accompanied sauce.  And as you can see from the photo above I couldn’t quite help myself and attacked this thing before I had a chance to take a photo

In short, Hemingway’s is good for what it is.  Good cheap food, nice drinks, comfortable setting, nice views, Jojo’s bell, what else do you need.  Pizza, foie gras perhaps, but that’s just about it, I think.

Recommended dishes:  Fish Tacos, Conch Fritters, Fish and chips


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3 thoughts on “Turks and Caicos – Hemingway’s

  1. Rick Polhamus

    Ziggy, you are truly amazing!

    Rick P., Mclean, VA

  2. Diana

    Found this site through TA! This is so helpful..thank you! I am going to def use this when we go to Provo for the first time in June!

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