Mis Amigos – Turks And Caicos

Mis AmigosIts been 33 hours and 25 minutes now since I’ve said goodbye to our friends in Turks, and I have to tell you readers (both of yous), I miss my Turks amigos already.  There’s a lot to write about this time.  And when I run through the possibilities in my head on where to start, there’s always one that puts a smile on my face.  That’s the one.

Mis Amigos

Mis Amigos is the perfect first stop from the airport and to the airport.  Not only it is a good place to start practicing your right turns, its convenient, delicious, and you feel like you are visiting friends, rather than a restaurant.  Friends with benefits!  Friends that can cook well (a luxury in the city of NY).  Tina the owner runs the place, the kid serves, and the husband does nothing.  Oops, got caught day dreaming again.  I mean the husband cooks.  Its one of those places that you simply don’t want to leave.  So not surprisingly two nights ago it was packed with locals.  Remember when I said that this is one of those places you don’t want to leave?  The KILLER Margaritas may have something to do with it.  Avid readers of EWZ know that I don’t use upper caps cheaply.  I only use them when I mean it, or when I get paid to do it.  They were KILLA! (joking about the paid stuff of course)

Mis Amigos Chips And salsaFreshness is key in this 6 month old Mexican cocina/cantina.  Sometimes, on a remote island it can be more economical to make things from scratch.  Which means everyone wins!  On my island of Staten, everything is done fresh by a guy named Joe.  Trader Joe’s! (we are strong supporters of the farm-to-freezer-to-my freezer-to-microwave-to-belly-to-why is the microwave smells of fish for a week concept).  That freshness and special attention to detail is felt right off the bat with some of the best Chips and Salsa north of Tijuana.  The salsa has a nice kick, thick, and easy to scoop.  This is not your typical watery, soggy restaurant stuff.  I normally don’t care much for chips and salsa wherever we go and I normally stop eating them after a couple scoops.  I cared here.

A hefty Poblano pepper stuffed with pork sitting on a corn veggie Quesadilla was more than satisfying.

Chille Relleno – Anaheim pepper filled with cheese deep fried in beer batter had pleasant mild heat and was good

ZZZZ 019 ZZZZ 018

Lobster Quesadillas – “Pretty Pretty Good” Larry David quotes sometimes come to mind while eating.  I should probably see someone about that.  Fresh Lobster chunks with cheese in those perfectly crisped tortillas.  Good luck finding this in your neighborhood Chili’s.  Our favorite item here so far.

Buttermilk Fried Chicken Sandwich – with homemade mayo and slaw. Honestly one of the juiciest, tastiest chicken sandwiches I’ve had in a long time.  Nice buns from Caicos Bakery

For a place that is still trying to get its bearings with its vendors Mis Amigos is doing a lot of things right. You can really sense the passion of the owners and the attention to detail here.  Check em out, Amigos!

ZZZZ 541

ZZZZ 540 ZZZZ 532 ZZZZ 535 ZZZZ 534

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