Long Bay Beach Kite Surfers

Kite SurfersLong Bay, Turks and Caicos – Beautiful beach, beautifully isolated, beautiful people.  We fit right in! 🙄

We were invited by our friends from Ottawa to watch them fly in gorgeous, windy Long Beach.  An ideal spot for Kitesurfing, and most ideal to learn how to kite surf due to the shallow waters.  While things got to a rough start where we met with an angry rain shower (kites = great shelter), followed by dying winds, things got back to normal as the skies cleared and the winds came back.  Besides,  it was a good time for me to practice my true passion, Beach Yoga!

ZZZZ 105 ZZZZ 163

Roberto from kitesurftci.com

Roberto from kitesurftci.com

ZZZZ 175 ZZZZ 182 ZZZZ 189 ZZZZ 185 ZZZZ 205 ZZZZ 217 ZZZZ 215 ZZZZ 213 ZZZZ 211 ZZZZ 219 ZZZZ 224

Meryl from Spa Tropique

Meryl from Spa Tropique

ZZZZ 241 ZZZZ 236

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