Directions to Taylor Bay/Las Brisas

Head west on Leeward hwy toward the airport. Make a left on South Dock Road (Its the roundabout with the lawn in the middle.  I dont believe there’s a sign to it from that direction – if you reached the Milllenium Highway roundabout that means you missed it). Continue on south dock (about 5 miles) and after you pass the Caicos Oil gas station and the road curves right, Chalk Dr will be on your right. Turn right.  Right away you will see a house on the left side. That is the Provo Children’s Home.  Shortly after that you’ll see Neptune villas/Las Brisas on your right. But continue about a mile to Ocean Point Drive and make a left.   Then look for the Ocean Point sign in front of a small gravel parking lot for about 6 cars. Park and its a short walk down the unpaved road to the beach.

When you come back to chalk drive, make a left for some spectacular chalk sound vistas. Then turn around and come back to Neptune villas/Las Brisas.  Get a table on the gazebo for maximum breeziness.  Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Directions to Taylor Bay/Las Brisas

  1. Lisa

    Thanks Ziggy for these directions and for all of your restaurant recommendations! We leave for Provo this Saturday and are very excited for our first visit! 🙂 Lisa from Toronto, Canada

    • You bet Lisa. Enjoy. Just keep in mind that some of my favorite restaurants are closed this time of the year

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