Turks and Caicos – Flamingo’s

Flamingo's Curried Grouper7/25/14 Update: Reaffirming island must status.  As must as it gets in fact in Providenciales.  Besides that celebrated legendary dish, there are a few more reasons to come

1)  Rum Punch.  You know when you see couples walk on the beach holding hands, to make you go “Awwwe”.  Grace Bay can do it to you.  But when Mrs Ziggy and I do it, it usually means she just had the rum punch at Flamingo’s and I’m simply preventing her from walking into an Island Vibes boat.  Those guys aren’t shy with the rum, and the flavor simply kicks ass.

2)  The Curried Grouper.  I already talk about it extensively below.  Arguably the most celebrated dish on the island.  This time around not only it didn’t disappoint but it even had some extra punch.

3)  Everything else is pretty good.  If you are not into seafood than this is not much of a must, but everything else we tried over the years has been anywhere between ok and pretty good.  The ribs are good enough, so is the curried chicken when they have (forgot about what the menu says).  But this time we really liked the Grouper burger.  Nicely seasoned, great flaky texture.  A bit too much bun action so I would just disregard half of it.  Respect the fish!

Flamingo's Grouper Burger Flamingo's Ribs

3/18/13 Post:

The Dish! This one is going to be short and sweet and to the point (plus i’m a little tired from dealing with the Devil Time Warner cable for much of the day)

Whenever I recommend this one on TripAdvisor I always pause for a second to think what exactly is the name of this place.  Is it Flamingo’s, Flamingos, The Flamingos Cafe, Ricky’s Flamingo’s, Inga’s Flamingos?  I’m not really sure.  But I AM sure that its Curry Grouper is one of the top dishes on Providenciales.

Once in a while I eat something that makes me turn into Andrew Zimmern.  The kids get a good kick out of it.  I just shake my head and mumble various Zimmern words that may or may not have anything to do with what I’m tasting… “Its woodsy, its earthy, its gassy”.  Sometimes when I try something for the first time my youngest would say “Well dad, is it woodsy and gassy” Yes!

There’s really not that many dishes on the island that give you that kind of pleasure with every morsel.   Sweet, smooth, savory, melt in your mouth deliciousness.  Like eating the most delicious butter. This is why I come here.

This is also TripAdvisor legend CaribDesi’s favorite dish on the island.  Or one of the favorites at least.  No, I’m pretty sure that’s his favorite.  I hope he’ll clarify with a comment here one of these days.  Get well soon buddy.  We miss you.  Here’s to you.

View from Flamingos



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9 thoughts on “Turks and Caicos – Flamingo’s

  1. jimmythechooch

    Very well done Ziggy my friend. Due to Desi’s constant raving about a “coconut curry grouper dish” at some place on the beach with an ever changing name, I too have become a huge fan. If I was flying through Provo and I had just enough time to go to one restaurant for one meal, it would be here. Sit by the rail, eat some grouper, sip a cold beverage, enjoy the beautiful view of Grace Bay. I can almost attain a zen-like state just thinking about it.
    I’m loving all your food reviews. Keep up the good work.

  2. Hummus Whisperer

    Hey ziggy u forgot to mention that we only had $104 for 5 ppl and huge appetite, Thanks to the nice toothless waiter we came out w $20 in my wallet and 5 full belies. Appreciated the island time service, saved us from getting heat stroke if we had to walk back at 2pm.

  3. Boston Tia

    Can’t wait to try this place. I’ll be back next May 2015. Ziggy, I am really enjoying your trip advisor forum posts too. You have a great sense of humor. I liked the comment about holding your wife’s hand to keep her from hitting boats. Does she appreciate your humor? I hope so.

    Have you ever considered reviewing more of the local places like Fresh Catch, Mr. Grouper, etc. ?
    It is nice to get a reasonably priced meal in the islands. We are always on the lookout for alternative options to the expensive restaurants. Although, I believe this one, Flamingo’s, is such a place??
    Thanks for all your hard work!

    • Thanks Boston Tia. I will try write more on local places like Chinson’s and Cabana’s in the near future, but unfortunately some of the other places like Fresh Catch, Big Al’s and to some extent Mr Grouper didnt wow me as much. I’m desperately missing Jerkie’s as it was a nice local spot in a decent location and there arent that many left.
      I also recently wrote about Three Queens which is as local as it gets but quite far.

  4. Steve

    Ziggy – we loved the Flamingo Cafe so much that we ate there 3 times (perhaps breaking one of your rules) over 9 nights. Great food and unpretentious. I’m now trying to find a good recipe for both the Curried Grouper and Coconut Grouper as served there. Any pointers? Thanks!

    • Recipe is very simple.. Rebook 😉

      Cant help you there, but glad you enjoyed.

      • De

        To find the Flamingo Cafe Curry Grouper recipe, just search the Provinciales Dining Guide 2012.
        Ziggy and Steve: Please help me find the Flamingo Cafe Coconut Grouper recipe.

      • Steve

        Thanks De! I found the Coconut recipe based on your suggestion in the Winter 2012 / Spring 2013 :Dining guide: http://tinyurl.com/z9npwj9

        Just the thing for a cold January day. I was just thinking of this place a few days ago!

        If I could find the Coconut Grouper recipe, I’ll share it here.

  5. Hi De, are you asking or telling? 😉

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