Turks and Caicos – Bugaloo’s

Bugaloos - Conch SaladThere were 3 major milestones during our recent visit…

1) I rediscovered the joy of traveling to Provo without kids.  Sorry kids, its fun to go with you, but its Soooo much more fun to go without, and now that you are eating like mom and dad its so much more affordable too.  The 11 year old would call the manager if she detects her 40 oz. rib eye was not aged properly

2) I discovered a new passion – Beach Yoga!

3) I finally got my conch at Bugaloos in a conch shell.

Bugaloos - Snapper

Besides yet another wonderful conch salad, one of the best things I ate during the entire trip was the freshly caught whole red snapper sautéed with some coconut milk, onions, pepper and garlic.  Great texture, flaky, simply mouthwatering piece of fish.  The light sauce was just the perfect compliment, letting the fish do the talking.  We attacked this beauty in full force.

March 3rd, 2013 post:

Bugaloo'sSo now that this blog has been featured on Trip Advisor, and now that baby Ziggy decided to run for pope, I feel like I have to clean up my act here a little and limit the use of smiley faces.  Just had to let you all know.  You already see the changes reflected in the new site tagline – “Eating Well, Spelling Poorly” which makes no sense whatsoever now that I think about it as I use a spellcheck.  But whatever…


My mission on this trip was to try some new places like Bugaloo’s.  Its hard to leave the resort during lunch time, but while the rest of the family is ‘liming’ by the beach, Ziggy has people to see, new conch to try.

The food was terrific.. I think.  Its hard to concentrate sometimes when you are eating with great people in a setup such as this.  No need for Sevantix here!  One of the most spectacular setups in TCI.

I enjoyed my conch salad (bottom) although it was missing some of that heat I was hearing about.  But it was fresh and tasty.  Conch (pronounced “Conk” if you are scoring at home or even if you are alone) salad to me is the best way to experience conch on the islands.  Peruvian ceviche style.  Coconut Cracked conch (below) was fine as well but if I have to choose I’d go with the conch salad.

Bugaloo's - Coconut Cracked Conch

I was here with my new friends Joe and Dash who I met via Trip Advisor.  Everything went well until they started ‘seeing things’.  Mainly fish doing somersaults.  “There it was again, did you see it?”, “Ahhm, ye I saw it” 🙄  But other than that, you will be hard pressed to find a couple as great and better looking if I may say than this two.  What a pleasure it was to meet them.

I’ve been very fortunate to meet some great people through Trip Advisor.  From RedRox in Sedona to Blamona in TCI.  And I’m so looking forward to meeting more like my friend CaribDesi from Atlanta.  If you knew CaribDesi you would know that a place like Bugaloo’s is right up his alley.  Get well soon Desi!  And I’ll see you in Three Queens.Bugaloo's - Conch Salad

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4 thoughts on “Turks and Caicos – Bugaloo’s

  1. Zigster Fan

    Ziggy, your conch salad looks like an ice cream… Is that how it looks?

  2. Yes! Thankfully I ordered another dish.

    And it could have been worse.. Martini glass

  3. joebwan

    It wasn’t a fish, it was a ray… did you see it??

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