Turks and Caicos – Lupo

Lupo outThe Italian invasion of Providenciales continues.  From Turtle Cove, to the new lake region (the area by the school that floods after a 5 minute shower) to Via Veneto and Caicos Cafe plaza, home to Caicos Cafe.  It is only a matter of time until you see this just outside your resort, or people selling made in china little helicopters that fly, and then they break.  Around a year ago, Lupo has joined forces, and firmly secured itself in the Regent Village which is becoming quite a yummo international destination.  I also want to take this opportunity to welcome a new slang word to the EWZ family – “Yummo”.  Although, I dont see myself using it much as it just sounds weird, as if “Yummy” reached its expiration date.

Lupo TurksOwner Mark (formerly with Lemon) has done an excellent job bouncing back from a shaky start (as just about every new restaurant in Provo).  Lupo also seems like the kind of place that would be featured the most with the Provo ladies who lunch, or Real Housewives of Grace Bay County.  Perhaps the same Provo housewives who robbed the place of all its pictures the night before our lunch, leaving us with empty frames.

As for the food…

Romaine lettuce – Yummo!  Not something I would normally order but this was quite good, like the best Caesar Salad you ever gonna eat.  Smokey Romaine, topped with sharp delicious Parm, and crispy pancetta bits.  Well done!

Meatballs Sandwich – Excellent! Good bread, great herby, tasty, schweddy balls.  2013 was filled with some amazing meatballs for us in 2 continents.  Make it a third.  If I have to criticize one thing is the polenta fries – not a fan.  But Mrs Z was, which frankly all that matters.  You know what they say, Happy wife, happy Ziggy.

Lupo Meatball

Penne with sundried tomatoes, Pesto walnut sauce – Nice and light summer dish.  They didn’t have Orecchiette (damn you IGA truck) so we settled for Penne.  Nothing wrong with that dish

Tiramisu in a cup, panna cotta with Balsamic reduction in another cup.  Heavenly! Perhaps the best Tirsmisu I’ve had on the island (Sorry Caicos Cafe) and that panna cotta was very unique and went very well with the zesty balsamic

Although I was very satisfied with the lunch, the dinner menu made me jealous.  Fresh made pasta galore including what seems to be a popular Fettuccine Bolognese, nice looking  flatbread pizzas and more.  The housewives should really come here for dinner if they are smart.

As I keep saying over and over, come out of the water area and things start to get interesting in the island of Provo.  In that location,  one needs to be creative and follow up with great flavors, and it looks and tastes like a success to me

Lupo Romaine Lupo Penne Lupo Meatballs Lupo Dessert Lupo

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3 thoughts on “Turks and Caicos – Lupo

  1. Just discovered that they have a range of gluten free pasta too!

  2. Judy

    I LOVE Lupo! I love the meatballs, and I love the Orechetti dish. We always have at least 1 dinner when we are on island. And now, I can spend the rest of the day thinking about those Lupo meatballs!!

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