The Caravel {TCI} – New Fish on the Block

Caravel TacosWhen East Met West, sparks and tuna rolls flew, until East abruptly left, leaving  just light fixtures behind.  What took its place?  Ice Cream, from West.  No thank you.  But wait, putting my prescription snorkeling goggles reveals an extra “A”.  So to lure people in while avoiding franchise fees?  No.  The extra “A” is for Authentic, as in local food.  How’s that for banal.  The writing, not the place.  I’m not quitting my job, dont worry.  Mrs Z said no.

Caravel is for the ship, not the ice cream.  A rather new local hotspot on the main road just east of Ocean Club West.  In addition to the former Sora lights, you have a bar with TVs, and big boy camera friendly oversized tables.  The place was packed with chatty happy locals.  So in order to take that new, fresh shot below we had to ask everyone to get up, clear their plates and wait outside for a second.  Because with quality cooking this good, there’s no way the place can be empty, right?  Ok, maybe the word is still spreading.  Lets expedite that spreading shell we.Caravel

There’s a quiet ongoing war on the island for the rights to the island’s top Fish Tacos.  Cabana’s Bar and Grill at Ocean Club East makes a batch so satisfying that they require a password to get in to park.  ‘Somewhere’ certainly has its fans somewhere, though I’m still searching for the fish in those.  Hemingway’s even with the slight sweet tone courtesy of the mango chutney was the front-runner.  The Caravel version is almost like a nice combination of the three.  The former Mr Grouper chef packs fried fish with cheese, and various veggies inside toasty flower shaped tortilla shells and serves it with an Arsenal of sauces.  “Fried” is a turnoff, but its lightly battered, and expertly cooked to flaky perfection.  And none of the other ingredients overwhelm the delicate fish.  Unless you go a little crazy with that sick homemade hot sauce.  Add any of the three you prefer, but the hot one added a nice oomph for my palate

I wasn’t expecting much from the Jerk Chicken plate that disguises as a chicken sandwich on the menu.  We just wanted some jerk as we normally crave on the island.  It didn’t disappoint.  Liberally spiced, juicy, and just tender enough.

Well done Caravel with an “A”.  I hope unlike Sora, you stick around a little longer.  Much longer.  In that location, quality and a specialty dish will be key, and from our vantage point, all the ingredients for success are in place.

To get to Caravel, walk or drive east past Seven Stars, Caicos Plaza, entrance on the left right past Ocean Club West.

Caravel Jerk Caravel Fish Tacos

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