TCI – How to Start the Day Properly

Caicos Bakery TCIIts 6:00 AM.  Do you know if you have pool side lounges today?  Time to get up and reserve your beach hut for the day…  oops, the hut reservations office only opens at 7..   why does the water smell of gas?  Oh its coming from the mud I am standing on…  wait a minute, you are in a different hotel, and here you reserve a hut at 4:00 PM sharp for the next day.  Time to stand on that line….  where did all these cruise ships and Russian babushkas come from…  Waking up in cold sweat.   What a bizarre dream.  I’m not in Aruba, YES!  A nice long walk, some Beach Yoga, and a trip to Tatiana (Caicos Bakery) is in order in this fine morning in Providenciales.

This post is gonna be short and sweet.  I’ll let the pictures do most of the talking this time.  For the past 6 years or so Caicos Bakery, the quintessential mom and pop French bakery has been dishing out all sorts of baked goodies.  From baguettes, quiches, croissants, donuts, to a plethora of mouth watering pastries.  Every other morning, I get those looks at the breakfast buffet.  “Here comes that idiot again with his own bread”.  Hey, I’m on vacation and bread is important to me.  And if I have easy access to a bakery where I can get baguettes that will give me that serious oomph to my breakfast, than why not take advantage.  But if you have a view like below, might as well take advantage of that.  There will be no eye rolling done in that balcony, guarantee.  Unless you tell the wife that you had another cougar checking you out during Beach Yoga

Freshness, attention to detail, and hard work is key here.  Provo has seen its share of bakeries come and go over the years.  Its usually when they realize they need to wake up at 4 am and work their butt off all day, they give up.  The island’s locals and tourists are lucky to have the hard working team of Tatiana, Eric, and Frederic around.

Caicos Bakery 5 Caicos Bakery 6 Caicos Bakery 4 Caicos Bakery Caicos Bakery 2 Caicos Bakery Turks Caicos Bakery 3 Seven Stars

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4 thoughts on “TCI – How to Start the Day Properly

  1. gigi205

    Can’t wait now till March..been a bit sick ..better now..xx G

  2. Next stop Lemon for the best coffee on island. Day set.

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