Three Queens – Your Island Freddy’s

Three QueensUnless you’ve been living under a rock, or in Provo Utah, you probably already heard of “House of Cards” and Freddy’s BBQ joint.  Freddy’s is Kevin Spacey’s character’s secret local rib oasis.  He goes there any chance he can to unwind, to get his favorite ribs, and see his friend.  Everyone should have a place like this.  I don’t when I think about it.  Pure Thai Cookhouse is probably the closest as I’ve probably frequented the place more than any other but its very far from a hangout place like Freddy’s.  BTW, one of the many folks I met while swimming in the ocean at the other Provo (Turks) recommended to me this great Thai place in NYC called Pure Thai which he found on EatingWithZiggy.  But I digress

Three Queens BarThree Queens is the Providenciales version of Freddy’s.  Located in Blue Hills, 30 minutes away by car for the majority of visitors, and unlike similarly distant places like Bugaloos, and Conch Shack, most likely you will find only locals.  In fact, you may be there just by yourself with Dick playing the roll of Freddy, who may join you and tell you island stories, like about the original Bugaloos where it was across the street (you can still see the sign).  Or stories about the conch festival that Three Queens hosts annually.  “Like going to someone’s house” is a cliché you see everywhere you travel these days pretty much, but I’ve never been to a place that’s deserved the cliché more.  And if you still not feeling it, you will feel it when you meet Marta, the Chef de Cuisine whose extensive “all over Grace Bay” resume portrayed ever so cleverly through her cooking

Three Queens Grouper

Like any other typical Freddy’s, no menus here.  Myself, Val from TurksandCaicosReservations, ttewks, Relayer, and Ttewks Junior (man power lunch) were given the 5 or so choices of the day.  One of the menu items was a succulent curried goat which wasn’t supposed to be there that day.  The previous day, I hinted to Val’s lovely wife Susan that my provo diet that week was badly missing curried goat since Jerkey’s was no more.  Susan then told Val who then called Dick and voila… we are sucking on some meaty goat goodness.  That goat never saw it coming. And on his day off, no less.  The chicken curry was singing as well that day, and so was the oxtail (below).  But my favorite dish was probably the grouper (above).  Its fairly remarkable what freshness brings to a dish (family members own local fishing company.. helps) and how little messing around with it requires.  You will be hard pressed to match this kind of flakiness perfection on the island.

Three Queens was born at the same year I was, 1970.  Named after the owner’s three daughters.  I don’t believe anyone at Pure Thai Cookhouse, the place I frequent so often, knows my name.  Three Queens, after one visit, does.  Like I keep saying just about after every trip I take, whether in Europe, New Orleans or just about anywhere else, places like this will enhance your vacation experience more than any otherThree Queens Oxtail

Three Queens Mix Three Queens Curried Goat Three Queens Inside Three Queens Across

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