Lumpia Shack – Here Lies Love!

Lumpia Shack Rice BowlI’m risking a lot with this one, and I’m already feeling it.  Wait, till mrs Ziggy reads this, she’ll never forgive me.  It took us 13 days and 17 hours to finally erase from our head the theme song from Here Lies Love, the quirky off off Broadway musical about the life of first lady of the Philippines Imelda Marcos.  I’m singing it as I’m typing, with the same hand gestures and all as before.

Lumpia (LOOM-pee-ah) is a Filipino snack, like spring rolls.  Lumpia Shack is a stand in both Brooklyn Smorgasburgs created by a Manila born husband and wife.  Lumpia Shack Snackbar is the 3 month old brick and mortar simple hole in the wall shack in the West Village.  The place is almost as tiny as the Smorgasburg stand, but the creativity and offerings more than quadrupled.  In fact I would even venture to say that.. wait for it…Here Lies a lot of Love (oh boy)

Lumpia ShackLumpia the snack, slipped overnight, from being the bread and butter to just about the least exciting thing on the menu.  A testament to the rest of the items.  Even the garlic chips, made from tapioca starch and infused with garlic and tamarind powder reminiscent of the sickest BBQ rice puffs you will ever encounter is more thrilling for my palate.  They even have a Ramen Burger which the Hummus Whisperer proclaims better than the original.  The burger utilizes the same Keizo Shimamoto noodles but instead of beef you got a Soyfull, soulful Adobo Pork Belly.  This has the power to transform Pork Belly haters to lovers.  The mushroom Lumpia still rocks, but I’ve had these before a few times.  The rice bowls offer more excitement with a mix and match protein and sauce combinations.  My chicken with the coconuty Bicol Express could have used more oomph and juiciness but satisfying nonetheless.  I’m looking forward to coming back this weekend to say you had me at “Halo-Halo”

Lumpia Shack Ramen BurgerLumpia Shack Garlic Chips243

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5 thoughts on “Lumpia Shack – Here Lies Love!

  1. Escaping Our Comfort Zone

    I could lick my ipad. Nuff said

  2. WEQueen

    Was “Here Lies Love” really that good?

    • Perhaps not THAT good. It was interesting, unique, and fun. Dont know if I would pay the full $160 per ticket, but for $40 flash sale certainly worth it

  3. WEQueen

    Considering the character it is about, it has to be outrageous, only reason to “immortalize” her. $40 would be top dollar, I’d be tempted to splurge.

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