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Top 10 Things We Ate in New Orleans

Peche Crawfish Capellini“America has only three cities: New York, San Francisco, and New Orleans.  Everywhere else is Cleveland.” ― Tennessee Williams

Having been to New Orleans, and San Francisco, while living in NYC, I’m starting to believe it.  He was talking about food, right?  I believe so.  As I’ve said before, I always compare the excitement of going to NOLA to that of Italy.  Amazing, in a way somewhat foreign cuisine in one heck of a unique setting.  Without further ado, here are our top NOLA bites during a recent trip.

(Note:  For the Dessert list, click here)

BBQ Shrimp at Bevi – I’ll start with the no-brainer.  Perhaps our top eat came from a little shack in Metairie about 30 minutes out from the quarter, close to the airport.  We came for the Crawfish boil and got that and so much more.  Huge, plump fresh perfectly cooked head-on gulf shrimp complimented by what I can only describe as Sauce of Dreams.  Or maybe it was the beer talking, as in Canebrake beer, the sauce main ingredient.  Move over Mr B’s, and say hello to Mr B!

Bevi BBQ Shrimp

Savory Bread Pudding at Atchafalaya – Funny how this trip turned out.  After eating our way through eight sweet Bread Puddings on the previous trip and therefore aiming for more of the same this time, it was actually a savory one that won top marks.  Filled with Mushroom, Sundried tomatoes and topped with tomato sauce, this was addictive stuff to say the least. A joy with every morsel at this popular neighborhood brunch spot.  Bonus:  Try the Eggs Atchafalaya and Shrimp and Grits

Atchafalaya - Bread Pudding

Blue Crab Beignets at La Petite Grocery – This is an absolute must at LPG.  Those little suckers are packed with fresh crab and explosive flavors.  For my TCI readers these are like Conch Fritters on crack!  Bonus:  Get the Ricotta Dumplings, Hand-Made Spaghetti and Turtle Bolognese

La Petite Grocery Blue Crab Beignets

Chargrilled Oysters at Felix’s – Last trip we enjoyed them at Drago’s who invented the Chargrilled Oysters, but now we have a new favorite looks like.   They are not as cheesey and buttery at Felix’s but lightly breaded, some lemon, oil and a little bit of cheese just enough to bring out the flavors of the oysters without overpowering.

Felix's Chargrilled Boilers

Gnocchi Bolognese at Herbsaint.  So much for the “Lets avoid all things Italian since we enjoy great Italian where we live and in Italy” —  We not only managed to eat a lot of interesting pastas pretty much daily, but somehow 3 Bolognese dishes.  Expertly done pillowy goodness with a fine lamb ragu.  But the thing that took it to another level was the herby notes from the Mint Gremolata.  Get this.  Bonus:  Spaghetti with Guanciale and Fried-Poached Egg,  Lamb Neck.  Pastas here are superb

Herbsaint Gnocchi

Whole Grilled Redfish at Peche – Another no brainer.  This one is quickly becoming one of the most celebrated dishes in town.  Expertly cooked Redfish, perfectly complimented with first-rate minty oily Salsa Verde.  You dont mess around too much with greatness.  This little guy can easily be shared by 3, 4 at this multiple James Beard award recipient.  Bonus:  Crawfish Pasta (Top Picture) and too many to mention.  Read the post

Peche Whole Redfish

BBQ Shrimp at Mr B’s – Yes, two BBQ Shrimp dishes on the list this time, which prompted to ask on Chowhound where can I get this in NYC.  No replies so far and its been at least 5 minutes!  This thing was our top eat last time and the only repeater on the list.  If you cant get to Metairie, or even if you can, get this!

Mr B's BBQ Shrimp

Beef Cheeks at Sylvain – If you never had beefy cheeks, you are in for a treat!  Beef doesnt get any more tender and juicy than this, without getting all soft and mushy.  Especially love the supporting cast here of potato purée and field peas.  PS. New Yorkers,  try Bar Bolonat’s Tagine for more cheeky goodness.  Bonus:  Shaved Brussels Sprouts, Chick-Syl-vain Sandwich

Sylvain - Beef Cheeks

Seafood Platter (aka the “Shell Beach Diet”) at Brigtsen’s.  Six different items on the plate including a great Drum Amandine with plenty of almond action, two different baked oysters, a terrific smoky shrimp jalapeño cornbread (really liked this) and shrimp coleslaw.  The only thing I didn’t care for is the Why-So-Sweet scallop but what a fantastic jam-packed plate. Bonus: Crawfish Shortcake, Paneed Rabbit, Pecan Pie

Brigtsen's Seafood Platter

Beignets at Café Du Monde – Yes, this is a cliché I know.  But considering we ate Beignets every single morning I have no choice but give credit where credit is due.  Just edging out Café Beignet, these Beignets were consistently great.  Nice texture, not too daughy, not too airy, just perfectly executed Beignets.  The lines for a table move quick, and don’t forget to look inside for the best views of the action and history

NOLA 2014 460

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Peche Seafood Grill – Meal of the Year

Peche Whole Grilled RedfishBetony, Carbone and Estela, three new powerhouses from NYC lost to Peche in the coveted James Beard awards as America’s Best New Restaurant.  The event, held earlier this month, also awarded Ryan Prewitt, Peche’s chef and co-owner, Best Chef in the South (tie with fellow New Orleanean Sue Zemanick).  As much as we cherished our meal at the more elegant and refined Betony, James Beard got this one right.  Simply put, in all my years of travel and eating, Peche is like nothing we’ve ever experienced on our mainland.

When I first started looking into what to eat on this particular trip, it didnt take long before this latest Donald Link (part owner) establishment became the front-runner.  Link’s Herbsaint was the top meal of the previous trip and the Peche menu was a “screaming buy” and a delight for the ants living in my keyboard (living off my drool).  More often than not, high expectation arent met and things fall sometimes annoyingly short.  So Its almost refreshing to not only have the most anticipated meal deliver, but also the most anticipated dish rock in such a big wayPeche

When you first step in, it feels like you accidentally walked inside a fancy rustic crab shack, but with just enough neighbor separation and comforting noise level.  We dont need penguin suits and benches for our purses to enjoy fine dining in its purest.  A nice booth in the back, and an eager waiter that was especially enthusiastic about my order as if he was enjoying this meal himself was all what we needed for a truly memorable meal.  I’m in danger of overhyping this one, so let me stop right now and dive to the food

Fried Bread – Remember kids, anytime you see bread on the menu, get it.  This one was salted, honeyed, fried and tasted much better than it sounds

Peche Fried Bread

Crawfish Bisque – Dark roux, not too thick or thin.  Didnt have enough of it to pass proper judgement partially because my youngest totally destroyed this thing.

Hushpuppies – Dont remember the last time I had this falafel of the south.  Get this!

Peche Hushpuppies

Crawfish Capellini – Outstanding!  Capellini pasta, a bit thicker than angel hair with plenty of meaty, sweet crawfish meat.  Terrific broth made with shrimp and crawfish stock, with hints of jalapeño.  Highly recommend this one

Peche Crawfish Capellini

Curried Mussels – More like a salad with potatoes, other veggies mixed in with the mussels and covered with light homemade curry sauce.  I was a little nervous about this one with my mussel obsessed family used to plain ol’ mussels in red or white sauce but it turned out to be another winner

Peche Mussels

Smothered Catfish – Smothered in deliciousness!  We aren’t the biggest fans of the catfish, but this was light, flaky, and quite good

Peche Smothered Catfish

Whole Grilled Redfish –  A Revelation!  Expertly cooked Redfish, perfectly complimented with first-rate minty oily salsa verde.  You dont mess around too much with greatness.  One of the best things I ate all year.

Peche Whole Redfish

Top notch Chocolate/Raspberry Cake and an even better Pineapple Rum Cake.  Not the usual soggy mess you normally expect out of a rum cake but a drier delicious pineapple flavored cake with Dolce de Leche ice cream.  Well done!

Reason #37 to visit New Orleans

Peche Seafood Grill
800 Magazine St, New Orleans
Recommended Dishes: Hushpuppies, Fried bread, Crawfish Capellini, Whole Grilled Redfish, Pineapple Rum CakePeche Rum Cake

Peche Chocolate Cake


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5 NOLA Desserts to Target

Banana Brown Butter Tart at Herbsaint.  So good we have to have it on every trip.  Rhonda Ruckman the young looking pastry chef is reaching legendary status according to various blogs/publications.  Add their terrific homemade vanilla ice cream and call me in the morning.  (Its just an expression – dont call me) Herbsaint Banana Butter tart

Butterscotch Pudding at La Petite Grocery.  We tried a few desserts at La Petite Grocery and the least exciting dessert prevailed over the others.  Truly delectableLa Petite Grocery Butterscotch Pudding

Pecan Pie at Brigtsen’s.  I love love Pecan Pie, and this was probably the best I’ve had.  The pecans are cut so fine that when they fill the top layer it results in a crunchy cookie like texture.  And the inside isn’t as jelly like and gooey as you find in your ordinary pecan piesBrigtsen's Pecan Pie

Pineapple Rum Cake with Dulce de leche Ice Cream at Peche.  There goes that Rhonda Ruckman again.  Far from your ordinary soggy rum cake Peche Rum Cake

White Chocolate Bread Pudding at GW Fins.   We’ve had some amazing bread pudding in NOLA from the great Cherry Jubilee at SoBou to the funky Krispy Kreme at Boucherie, to the classics of Mr B’s and Commander’s Palace.  But GW’s prevailed and not so much for the white chocolate, but the use of the dark stuff (chocolate) that did it for me

Courtesy of GW Fins via Foodspotting

Courtesy of GW Fins via Foodspotting

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