Bevi Seafood – Game of Prawns

Bevi CrawfishOpulence! they dont has it.  No chandeliers, no white gloves, no benches for your man-purse can be found in little Bevi in Metairie.  What you got here instead is some outstanding seafood.  This small shack off the main road close to the airport delivered quite possibly the most memorable meal of a trip that included some pretty nasty eats (Peche for one).  It took just one bite of a BBQ Shrimp dish to confirm we are not in Kansas anymore.  We are in New Orleans, Louisiana – Seafood country!

BeviFresh Seafood that is.  The “if not fresh, we dont have it” kind.  When I ordered the BBQ Shrimp, the nice girl at the counter said “Let me see if we still have fresh Shrimp”.  She might as well have said “Let me go check in the back if you can get the best thing you will ever eat in this town”.  Who knew so much was at stake.  Ok, I may be a tad melodramatic here but this BBQ Shrimp instantly beat the BBQ Shrimp at Mr B’s Silly.  What it was lacking in butter, the addictive sauce more than made up for it in Canebrake beer and spices.  The ultra plump, ultra fresh head-on Gulf Shrimp swimming in that bright, flavor packed sauce can only be described by this quote from Seinfed “They are real, and they are spectacular”.  I just couldn’t get enough of this dish.  An unexpected gem that was not the main reason we came here.  That honor belonged to the boiled crawfish which we absolutely smothered.  There was plenty of meat in those little tails that day.  We also shared a smokey Oyster Po-Boy with smoked Gouda and pastrami bacon, dressed in delicious toasty bread.  I imagine long lines for this thing at the next Po-Boy festival uptown.Bevi BBQ Shrimp

After the meal a nice chat with chef/owner Justin LeBlanc revealed the passion and motivation behind this project.  Bevi may be new but Justin is no stranger to cooking, and it shows in the attention to details in those dishes.  I must have looked at their menu over 20 times before the trip, trying to remember the reason for schlepping the family up there.  You know its far when the name of the street is Airline Drive, and those cab rides can get as comfortable as a Donald Sterling interview sometimes.  But its all about the end results.  Counter order food has never tasted this good.  If only they had those little benches for your purse.

Bevi Seafood
4701 Airline Dr
Metairie, LA
Reccommended Dishes: BBQ Shrimp, Smoked Oyster Poboy, Crawfish (in season)

NOLA 2014 786

Bevi Poboy Bevi in Bevi Seafood

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2 thoughts on “Bevi Seafood – Game of Prawns

  1. Ttrockwood

    That may be the best use of a Seinfeld quote EVER.

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