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Best Dishes in Hell’s Kitchen – Round 3

Pad Ped Moo Krob at Larb UbolPad Ped Moo Krob at Larb Ubol (above) – Everything I love about Thai food is bundled oh so nicely in this dish.  Crunchy, well cooked fatty pork, sweet pleasant chili heat, green peppercorn galore, that wonderful curry paste, and plenty of veggie action including Thai eggplant which I cant get enough.  Perfection on a plate, but not for the heat sensitive.  Dont confuse this unassuming Thai on 9th/37th with the rest of the mostly mainstream Thai on 9th and 10th.  This is Isan (North) cooking at its finest.  However, if you still hesitant to trek to Hell’s Kitchen out of fear of being kidnapped by the Westies,  Zabb Elee in East Village may do the trick

Rotisserie Chicken at Poulette – Little French Chickens invading Hell’s Kitchen.  Young French dude, quits his job in finance to follow his dream.. manufacture French style Rotisserie Chicken.  Only a few weeks old, and not in the Guide quite yet, but will be be very soon.  I tried the half with 2 sides which turned out to be a bit of a struggle to finish for a big eater like me, so a quarter chicken next time.  This thing was love at first bite — Moist, delicious, coated with plenty of herbs which was the difference.  Some of the best Rotisserie I’ve had.  This is more of a fast food place.  If you require more of a restaurant for your chicken needs, try Inti on 10th for Peruvian style Rotisserie chicken, and Ceviche.  Mrs Z wont allow me to quit my job and do what I do best… hard boiled eggs Rotisserie Chicken at Poulette Al Pastor Tacos at Tehuitzingo – Midlife crisis is pushing me into a taco craze as of late.  When I don’t eat out with my lunch buddies, I construct a little taco tasting in a neighborhood abundant with Taquerias and Bodegas.  Tehuitzingo, a bodega turned Taqueria is always the last stop, and their porky goodness Al Pastor is second to none.  When they closed, food tour leaders went on a collective hunger strike (only two meals a day), but not only they reopened, they multiplied (second branch on 9th/41st). tehuitzingo al pastor Ceviche Mixto at Inti – Talking of Inti, why not feature one of their specialties.  The Peruvians, I bet you didn’t know, invented quite a lot of things that keeps society ticking.  Transportation systems, roped bridges, Pisco Sour, and yes they invented the ceviche.  At Inti you get fresh chunks of fish, shrimp, octopus and calamari marinated in lime juice and mixed with red onions, cilantro and rocoto hot pepper, and served with sweet potatoes and baby corn.  Good luck finding this in a Pio Pio near you. Inti Ceviche Ice Cream & Popsicles at the Brooklyn Kitchen – “Winter Is Coming” says Game of Thrones.  Get the summer goodies while you can.  Enter Gotham West Market, go straight, look down, deliciousness awaits.  Amazing artisenal ice cream sandwiches, and popsicles from popular area vendors like La Newyorkina.  No mass production stuff here.   Small batches and high quality ingredients is key.  You will not taste anything better than this

Ice Cream Sandwich at Brooklyn Kitchen La Newyorkina Popsicle

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A Major HKSG Update

Inti CevicheMajor facelift to the Hell’s Kitchen Survival Guide folks.  Not just a little botox job, I’m talking about a Joan Rivers.  Many additions, 1 extraction, and some clarifications (what to eat in Pure and Mercato), and a bunch of breakfast places.  A marked improvement over the previous number of breakfast places, zero!

Click here for the full guide


Peruvian – Inti.  10th ave is the new 9th ave.  Can someone go here please? Anyone?  Bueller?  Its always empty for some reason and it would be a real shame if it closes.  A Pio Pio alumni with a twist.  And the twist being empty ceviche.  Great looking and tasting Ceviche Mixto (top), Fresh fish chunks, shrimp, octopus and calamari with red onions, cilantro and rocoto hot pepper.  Add sweet potatoes for much needed contrast and baby corn and you got yourself a heck of a dish.  Or try the always reliable Rotisserie chicken which I’ve had so many times prior to snapping the streak finally

Dominican – Lali.    Read this while listening to this.  Ready? Lets go.  Love this new discovery.  Home cooking cant get any more homey than this.  Small, Diner-ish, Reggaeton music blasting in the background to help you chew.  And the 2 nonnas serving including Lali,  well you just want to take one of them home.  You get whats available today which will normally include some sort of beef stew, chicken, ribs.  Go for the braised chicken if available, or the beef stew, with rice and beans of course.

Lali stew

BBQ – Daisy Mays.  After a 5 year hiatus I’ve decided to check it out again to see if its HKSG worthy and looks like it is.  Well, barely.  Not so much of an endorsement I know but if you are looking for delicious ribs, while its not the best BBQ in town, its satisfying.  And as is the case with everything in life, Dry Rub over Wet.

Mexican – Toloache.  I realize that there’s a better chance seeing Lindsay Lohan win an Oscar than seeing tourists (without guides) in one of those bodegas I’ve recommended.  So another option is needed.  Try to sit downstairs (a chili’s atmosphere otherwise).  Good tacos (lobster yum!) but on the small side.  You can make an argument that its not considered to be in Hells Kitchen, but its close enough.

Korean Fried Chicken – Hell’s Chicken.  Or “Hell’s Kitchen” as I read it in my head 100 times while passing by, mumbling “how can another restaurant call itself Hell’s Kitchen” until I finally looked closer and its CHICKEN, not Kitchen.  The wings are glossy, meaty and tasty.  Try the Garlic Soy.  This is a very tentative addition to this list as I’ve only been here once and reports out of Yelp hint on some inconsistency.

Gotham West Market.  The most exciting thing to happen to Hell’s Kitchen since Ezra the Falafel Nazi cracked a smile 4.5 years ago.  I’ve been here only a couple of times (day 1 and day 2) so much more on this during the next update, but meanwhile here’s a post on what its all about

El Colmado -Deviled Eggs

Farmer’s Markets – Stiles on 52nd is a tiny market with a big heart and Outer Boroughs prices.  You also have the 57th st Greenmarket on 57th and 9th open Wednesdays and Saturdays from about mid April to December.  What fantastic timing on my part, eh?

Café/Bakery – Bis.Co.Latte.  How did I miss this spot the past 10 years.  50 shades of Biscottis baked in the back of this colorful cheerful Café.  GREAT daily Risottos,  soups like the Tuscan inspired Ribollita, and the Tuscan inspired Tuscan White Bean soup.

BisColate Risotto

Café – Café Ole.  Click on the Reggaeton link for this one as well.  This hole in the wall has been here for some time now and the place I probably frequent the most.  Simple, delicious sandwiches, paninis, soups and my go to place for fresh salads.  And then you have Anna the owner who will teach you how to salsa by the time your order is ready.

Café – Rex.  The new kid on the block and by kid I mean Rex, the hardest working baker in HK.  And only 3 years old!  Ok, not really, he’s 4 now!  Ok, not really again, his father helps out a little but still.  Nice muffins here – Try the Morning Glory.

Bagels – Pick-A-Bagel.  Ess got nothing on these guys.  This is by far my favorite bagel place in the area, and trust me I’ve looked.  A good place to try the walnut raisin spread but I normally go for a simple bagel with butter.  Muffins are great in size and taste, and the only place that has Ziggy’s fave banana nut.  Its a great concept:  You say “Bagel” and they pick one for you.  🙄

Diners.  Westside is the classic, Georgio’s Country Grill the not so classic, and Renaissance is somewhere in between.  All 3 offer your no frill basic diner fare.

Removing:  Uncle Nick’s.  Just one too many dry kebabs.  Took a group here last time and just cant think of any reasons to keep recommending this

Places tried but didnt like:  Nook, Turco twice (seems geared more toward tourists than Ziggys

Click here for the full guide including what to order in Pure, Meske and much more

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