Montreal Random

IMG_1637IMG_1382 FullSizeRender IMG_1720 IMG_1706 IMG_1695 IMG_1731 IMG_1688 IMG_1666 IMG_1659 IMG_1628 IMG_1640 IMG_1623 IMG_1566 IMG_1561 IMG_1558 IMG_1554 IMG_1530 IMG_1527 IMG_1525 IMG_1509 IMG_1489 IMG_1471 IMG_1467 IMG_1419 IMG_1399 IMG_1506 IMG_1391 IMG_1738

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4 thoughts on “Montreal Random

  1. WEQueen

    You’ve made it to Canada! Come West next time. Great food here. q

    • I know I know. A couple of summers ago we were all set for Vancouver then went elsewhere. So many places, so little time, and $$

  2. Wow, fantastic photos!

    Now Ive seen it all, a dog in a baby carrier!!! LOL

  3. Regina T

    Take advantage of cheap Canadian Dollar while it lasts

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