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Its a Dumpling/MSE/French Kind of Day in NYC

179Another glorious day for foodies in NYC.  The sun was shining, the cabbies were singing, I was excused from apple picking, with 3 food events to boot…

Dumpling Festival..

Taste of France…

Madison Square Eats…

The dumpling festival wasn’t quite what I expected. A little disappointing.  You buy a ticket for $20 and you have 4 booths to choose from.  Mostly basic veggie and chicken dumplings or greasy empanadas. Nothing creative or expensive like the Pastrami dumplings in Smorgasberg, because you pay in advance in this format it’s not worth it for them to lure you in with creative dumplings. It was more about the dumpling eating competition. A woman from Nebraska ate 90 beating all the men

After some misadventure courtesy of a friend’s Citibike spill, and a visit to CVS, we resumed and headed to Madison Square Eats.  New vendor Daleny stole the show with the brisket taco, as great as advertised and more. They put daleny all the way in the back in that quiet corner away from the tourists.  Bee sting pizza by Robertas as good as ever.  SD26 (another newbie) porchetta sandwich just didn’t do it for me.  SD26 is the reincarnation of San Domenico in Central Park.  San Domenico is the former home of Massimo “Mad Max” Olivari who owns/cooks at Caicos Café in Turks and Caicos, my favorite restaurant in the Caribbean

Then more misadventure. It occurred to me that it’s 4 pm and Im wearing my prescription sunglasses while my regular glasses are in the car in alphabet city. I get headaches if I wear sunglasses too long in the shade or dark. But instead of going to the car we continued to the French fair in Bryant Park. This was a much bigger and ambitious event than the dumplings festival. But the “Taste of France” was not so much about food (although there was plenty) but about getting a taste of France, meaning learning about the country, it’s regions, it’s corporations. There were numerous French companies representing from Aerospace engines to white flag manufacturers. Live music, hot air baloon, someone sculpting the Eiffel inside a bubble. We didn’t eat anything because we were done at this point.

We returned to East village for the car (another frend joined us). Total darkness at this point, and me blind as a bat, my friend with his back, like coming back from the battle field. After getting my glasses we went to Nicholetta, michael whites pizza place in the east village for for some nice Affogato (unique with soda) and port.

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5 Reasons to Visit Flatiron District this Month

MSP2IMG_1640The Flatiron district is one of my favorite areas in NYC.  It is the first area I think about when I need to kill some time.  You got great architecture, artsy park, some of the best dining in NYC like Maialino and ABC Kitchen, and a stone throw away from Union Square and the village, Curry Hill, Koreatown and other great hoods.  If all that is not enough here are 5 reasons to head to Flatiron today

1.  New art at Madison Square Park.  Orly Genger’s Red, Yellow, and Blue.  3 structures of layers of hand painted ropes  in 3 areas of the park.  I’ve seen a lot of art over the years at the park and this is one of the most stunning

2.  Madison Square Eats.  They are back.  New York’s finest in the food business dishing out some super tasty snacks.  We are talking about Roberta’s Pizza (try the Bee Sting pizza), momofuku milk bar, Red Hook Lobster Pound, Arancini Bros., Bar Suzette, Hong Kong Street Cart and much much more (note that was 2 muches).Madison Square Eats

Avoid midweek during lunch however unless you don’t mind painful lines.  More painful than standing in a full bus on a Friday night for 90 minutes as I did the other day.  It was getting somewhat frustrating at some point but then luckily we all got that loud announcement again.  “City bus operators are protected by state law. assaulting a bus operator is a felony!” Well thank goodness.  And what perfect timing as I was just getting riled up.  I mean is it really necessary to wake an entire bus of tired New Yorkers after work with this announcement.  I can just imagine the meetings they had about what announcements they should do with their brand spanking new buses with fancy announcement systems.  ” Hey lets remind them that assaulting a driver is a felony in case, you know, they are plotting something”,  “Oh and lets also remind them what the fare is in case they forgot”  We just paid it!!

Eataly3.  Eataly.  Still there and not going anywhere by the look of the crowds.  I’ve been there 3 more times in the last 4 weeks alone and had more delicious Italian goodness like this Asparagus and egg dish in Le Verdure.

4.  ABC Cocina.  Jean-Georges Vongerichten and Dan Kluger’s much hyped Spanish tapa extension to the ultra popular farm to table ABC Kitchen.

5.  Do you really need a 5th reason?  Seriously why are you still reading?  I gave you 4 perfectly fine reasons above including great food, flowers and painted ropes next to flowers.  What else do you want?  You know what, I had a great 5th reason but I’m choosing not to share it at this time.  Instead I leave you with more pictures of painted rope with flowers, food, and for my Australian readers a squirrel…IMG_1628 IMG_1636 IMG_1637 IMG_1641 IMG_1648 IMG_1651 IMG_1658 IMG_1660 IMG_1663

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Madison Square Eats Highlights


        One week to go.  Run, dont crawl to Madison Square Park for some of the yummiest snacks New York City has to offer.  The who’s who and what’s what of the NY food fair celebrities participating in this bi-annual month-long event.   You got the Roberta’s, the Red Hook Lobster Pounds, the Mayhems, the Stouts, the Momofukus, you name it.  The only minor issue is finding a table. If things get desperate you may need to use that fake Arthritis book you’ve been carrying in your purse and pretend to read it in front of the people sitting.  I’ve seen this trick on the bus once where some fool got up and gave his seat.  Ok, it was me – I got a big heart so sue me.  But I digress


Here are some of the goodies we enjoyed on a recent trip…

Baby Got Back Ribs – Nicely seasoned dry rub ribs.    Considering this is not exactly straight from the grill this was actually fairly tasty, falling off the bone ribs.


Broken English – Trapizzinos.  Romes’s biggest import since Giada De Laurentiis.  Like Pizza pita stuffed  with all kinds yuminess.  We tried the beef, chicken, veggie Trapizzinos, all delicious!

Red Hook Lobster Pound – Lobster rolls.  You cant go to one of those without having a lobster roll.  Perfection in a bun.

Hong Kong Street Cart – Ja Jiang hot noodle with pork belly and 5 spice tofu.  Another winner.  A lot of flavor packed in this one.

Hong Kong Street Cart

Ilili – Lamb Shawarma wrap.  Perhaps the only dud of the evening and I’m a big fan of Ilili.   Somewhat dry and you taste too much wrap. The Phoenician fries with garlic aioli were delish however.

Roberta’s – Bee sting pizza was very tasty.  Its spicy Sopressata (spicier than other Sopressata’s I’ve had) and the added honey contributed to interesting contrasting flavors. They also had a nice white brussels sprouts, mushroom and garlic pie which was equally as good (and I’m not a big white fan).  And a top notch Margherita

Roberta's Bee Sting

Wafels & Dinges – Belgian Waffles.  Perfect finish to a perfect fantastic, slightly chaotic meal.

Wafels and Dinges

Wafels and Dinges

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