Madison Square Eats Highlights


        One week to go.  Run, dont crawl to Madison Square Park for some of the yummiest snacks New York City has to offer.  The who’s who and what’s what of the NY food fair celebrities participating in this bi-annual month-long event.   You got the Roberta’s, the Red Hook Lobster Pounds, the Mayhems, the Stouts, the Momofukus, you name it.  The only minor issue is finding a table. If things get desperate you may need to use that fake Arthritis book you’ve been carrying in your purse and pretend to read it in front of the people sitting.  I’ve seen this trick on the bus once where some fool got up and gave his seat.  Ok, it was me – I got a big heart so sue me.  But I digress


Here are some of the goodies we enjoyed on a recent trip…

Baby Got Back Ribs – Nicely seasoned dry rub ribs.    Considering this is not exactly straight from the grill this was actually fairly tasty, falling off the bone ribs.


Broken English – Trapizzinos.  Romes’s biggest import since Giada De Laurentiis.  Like Pizza pita stuffed  with all kinds yuminess.  We tried the beef, chicken, veggie Trapizzinos, all delicious!

Red Hook Lobster Pound – Lobster rolls.  You cant go to one of those without having a lobster roll.  Perfection in a bun.

Hong Kong Street Cart – Ja Jiang hot noodle with pork belly and 5 spice tofu.  Another winner.  A lot of flavor packed in this one.

Hong Kong Street Cart

Ilili – Lamb Shawarma wrap.  Perhaps the only dud of the evening and I’m a big fan of Ilili.   Somewhat dry and you taste too much wrap. The Phoenician fries with garlic aioli were delish however.

Roberta’s – Bee sting pizza was very tasty.  Its spicy Sopressata (spicier than other Sopressata’s I’ve had) and the added honey contributed to interesting contrasting flavors. They also had a nice white brussels sprouts, mushroom and garlic pie which was equally as good (and I’m not a big white fan).  And a top notch Margherita

Roberta's Bee Sting

Wafels & Dinges – Belgian Waffles.  Perfect finish to a perfect fantastic, slightly chaotic meal.

Wafels and Dinges

Wafels and Dinges

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