This is CDMX

CDMX – Ciudad de México – Mexico City to those not familiar. If you’ve never been to Mexico City city, there’s a decent chance you never heard of it referred as CDMX before. I was in that camp up until six months ago when I decided to make a birthday trip out of it. And now all I can think of is what took me so long, and where in NYC can I get a decent Suadero, or green chorizo taco.

The good news is that I will write in more detail about CDMX soon, especially about the food. The bad news, I scheduled mouth surgery right after the trip (yesterday) so I am out of commission in NYC for a few weeks unless you want me to review Oatmeal. Quaker’s Raisin, Date, Walnut is winning that horse race for now.

But for the time being, I will just tell you, in all my years of travel, I’ve never seen anything like CDMX. The combination of distinctly different neighborhoods, sprawling markets, street food everywhere you turn, jaw dropping monuments, world class museums, is on another level. I expected to see different, and I got that and then some.

It’s incredibly rich culture is best understood via food of course, although there are some interesting boutique museums that help describe in other ways. In addition to the plethora of street food, and I mean plethora, you got a hefty amount of contemporary options including two in the coveted “top 50 restaurants in the world” list. Will tell more soon.

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3 thoughts on “This is CDMX

  1. Kym

    Wow Ziggy. I hate to be a copy cat, but I want to plan a trip to CDMX very soon. The pictures depict such a vibrant, interesting place, I must see it. I’ve already read about all the delicious food in your TR. What’s not to love??? Feel better soon.

  2. Another option besides oatmeal, for your mouth surgery. When I had all crowns put in I went on a gumbo binge because it was softer and more gentle on the soreness, and tried about 30 gumbos around Houston as well as making my own.

    • Wow, didnt realize Houston has such a big Gumbo scene. Thanks for the tip. So tired of Lentil soup already. Moving on to meatballs tonight

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