Jean-Talon Market (Montreal)

img_1623Quite possibly the most vibrant, colorful, high quality produce market I’ve ever seen.  In too much awe to take enough quality pictures.  And by awe I mean the outrageously sweet and delicious “peaches and cream” corn.  They have an entire section dedicated for corn where they sell it to you boiled and buttered.  Something else you dont normally see in markets, fruits available to taste.  You can spend a solid two to three hours here having a picnic right inside it.  Just you and your corn.  And ground cherries!  Look em up, than find them in your city.  Your homework assignment.

img_1613 img_1617 img_1628 img_1597 img_1599 img_1570 img_1573 img_1575 img_1587 img_1588 img_1596 img_1602


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4 thoughts on “Jean-Talon Market (Montreal)

  1. Coming from Toronto area I’m still surprised with I’ve never been to Montreal. This is one more thing to add to the ‘to do list’ when I finally make it there!

  2. i just love romanesco!! isn’t it the coolest thing?!

  3. Wow, this truly looks amazing! I think I’ve rarely seen such quality produces, and I’m sure they taste wonderful too. I know what you mean about the picnic thing you do in this market… When I was younger I used to cross the border and go to Italy with my brother, and we loved going to the farmers market to shop for the week. Obviously we couldn’t refrain from tasting things and ending up snacking while walking along the market. Great times!

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