This is Ortygia


The island of Ortygia or Ortigia in Siracusa or Syracuse has a lot going for it, including even an orange lady (for the Syracuse Orange fans).  A fine, pure, baroque duomo in one of the most picturesque piazzas in Italy.  Old traditions like the still functioning puppet theater.  One of the only places in the world where you can still find papyrus plant (to make special paper and sandals.  picture below).  Europe’s oldest Mikvah which we inexcusably missed (wait till my rabbi finds out about this).  A plethora of caves and beautiful scenery surrounding the island, allowing for fun boat trips where the guides only speak three English words.. “Small Port, Large Port”.   The cool limestone cave known as the Ear of Dionysius (name given by Caravaggio) that feels like a religious experience when you approach it due to the guides chanting inside the cave.  One of the liveliest and best markets I’ve seen (see my walk with a local chef in case you missed it).  And truly fantastic dining like Sveva and Macalle offering sensational local mussels, and more.

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