This is Modica

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4 thoughts on “This is Modica

  1. Love this town, the chocolate, the cannoli.. although the empty streets in the evening were eerie.

    • We didnt stay out that late. We stayed just outside town for 3 nights. But the town itself felt very quiet which we liked. Out of all the baroque towns this was my favorite

      • Did you visit Ragusa, noto etc? I stayed till 830 and everyone used to rush back home as if it was curfew. By 8 every shop was shut. It was a different scene from the bustling evening

  2. Yes, visited Ragusa, Noto, and stayed also in Siracusa for a few days. Noto was actually my least favorite. I know what you mean. It felt like a real working town vs a tourist destination. When we reached the Duomo there was no one there, which added to the magic I think

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