Ziggy International

photo (46)

Start posting nonsense on Trip Advisor – Check

Make a YouTube Video – Check

Start a Blog – Check

Learn the difference between i.e and e.g. – Check

Get a feature column in a world renowned magazine – Check

If the link does not work, just click on the magazine on the left here


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3 thoughts on “Ziggy International

  1. Vovk, Val

    Excellent! Congratulations.

    I love Ziggy.

    • Hummus Whisperer

      Thousands of hours dedicated to research, eating, editing, some blood, sweat, and tears. Now you are on your way to a Pulitzer Prize. I would like your autograph please. Way to go Ziggy.

  2. giigi

    Fantanstique!!!!!!!! Finally published – I was waiting for this….. now you will never have to worry about a reservation…wait.. you never did!!!!!!! xxoxoxo G

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