Scenes from the Foreign Nation of Elmhurst Queens

photo (41)Its fun to play tourist in your own town.  One of the perks of living in NYC is that you dont have to travel much to get a taste of Thailand, India, Russia, Sri Lanka, China, Uzbekistan, you name it we go it.  Well, maybe not a decent Rijsttafel (Indonesian rice tables popular with the dutch) so almost everything.  Elmhurst in Queens is one of those neighborhoods that I never actually explored.  Driven by it many times but never explored, until yesterday with the Hummus (42)

photo (36)Various Thai delis, stores, Michelin/Zagat recommended Thai establishments like Ayada flock this area.  There’s something happening on every corner like in this one.  Your choice of noodle soup.  The coconut curry with “I cant believe this is not Matzoh ball” fish ball soup hit the spot.  We proceeded to try all kinds of prepared dishes for a little picnic in a spectacularly busy park where we were the only white folks.

We had sort of a feast with one particular hit being a cod with a terrifically complex sauce.

photo (39)This Vitamilk which is synonymous with soy milk in Thailand was one of the winners.  Another refresher was a lychee juice not pictured here.  This is the reason to take trips like these.  Discovering things that may potentially improve your love for life 🙄

This trip was another reminder that its Silkworm season.  Cant wait to put these babies on the grill or finally do that Silkworm Stroganoff I’ve been dying to do.  Or my all time favorite still, Peanut Butter and Silkworm sandwich.  Yum yum yum!  And be careful to not overcook  them folks.  You dont want to lose that wonderful silky (44)

Turn another corner and its a very cool Thai Buddhist temple with all kinds of treasures to explore.  Some of which we couldnt take pictures due to prayer sessions.  Later dudes

photo (38)photo (40)photo (35)

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