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Best Pizza in Hell

SaccoWho said you cant get good pizza in Hell’s Kitchen?  I did!!  Time and time again.  But things are different now.  I’ve scouted, examined, food poisoned the neighborhood to death for you loyal readers, both of yous.  Here are the results…

saccoSacco – You want 99 cents slice?  Plenty around.  But if you want the quintessential New York slice done right, you head to Sacco, in business for over 50 years.  The slice holds it own, nothing soggy, perfect thickness and full of flavor.  You will be hard pressed to find a better NY slice.

Don Antonio – The Las Vegas of the NY pizza.  Meaning its not exactly your average NY pizza hole in the wall.  A full menu of antipasti and a huge array of pies.  This is Neapolitan pizza at its best from the Keste (west village) master and Antonio Starita from the famed Pizzeria Starita a Materdei in Naples.  Need I say more?  I have no idea who they are but it sure sounds impressive.   I’ve sampled about 8 pies here.  Try the lightly fried Montanara for something a little different, or the Diavola with the Sopressata which is meatier and milder than Merilu’s.  Wood burning oven means don’t get too comfortable.  You will get your pies within minutes.  Great for sharinDon Antonio Diavola

John’s Pizzeria – Another old-timer.  Eat and pray.  This is the touristy one with good cause, set in a former church.  Like a huge pizza diner.  No slices here and no individual pies like Don Antonio so not that sharing friendly.  But what you get is fresh ingredients and an excellent overall pie.  Love the Margheritas hereJohn's Pizza

Merilu – From Torino to NYC, Merilu with her 4 children and cousins (husband just eats the stuff, my kind of family) are making some great oblong shaped pies.  Is it a rectangle? Is it oval?  Who knows, who cares, its delicious.  Thin tasty crust with just the right balance of ingredients.  My favorite is the spicy sopressata.  If they have it out that day that is.  Otherwise try the Margherita or anything else that looks good on the display.  And if you come on Friday or Saturday you can also experience “the Merilu the meatball a”.  Juicy, meaty, cheesy goodness.  Fantastico stuff!

MeriluMerilu Meatballs

Capizzi – A solid alternative to the Don Antonio, John’s craziness and perhaps the closest thing to a pizza parlor you can only find in the outer boroughs.  The ingredients speak for themselves, like the bright fresh tomato sauce and the extra meaty pepperoni and sausagesCapizzi

So there you have it.  I’m pretty sure I’m not missing anything but if I am, comment away.  Buon Appetito Amigos.

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Don Antonio by [your name here]

5 dumbest questions  you can ask at a gourmet Pizza joint…

1.  “Do you sell by the slice?” – particularly dumb especially when the waiter takes your order with an Ipad

2.  “Is it like Pepperoni?”  – while pointing at something on the menu.  At least make sure you are in the right meat vicinity and not pointing at some kind of cheese or a vegetable.  BTW in Italy if you order pizza with Pepperoni you get a smile followed by pizza with peppers.

3.  “Can you bring the garlic and pepper shakers?” – NO SOUP FOR YOU!!

4.  “So is it like a Neapolitan pizza Rabbi that comes every month to inspect?” – Not exactly.  To get Neapolitan certified you can either call yourself that or get blessed by the Verace Rabbis one time.

5.  “Why are constantly running reruns of the same cooking show?” – We’re not.  Thats a live stream of our pizza making.

For the record we didnt ask any of that.  Except perhaps #2 but we [ahem, I] were definitely in the vicinity

Don Antonio by Starita makes some pretty good Neapolitan pizzas.  Starita is a Pizza legend from Naples, and together with Roberto Caporuscio of the popular Kesté Pizza, they opened Don Antonio about 6 months ago.  Much to the delight of the socks and sandals wearing tourists of the good food challenged Times Square.  Pies range from around $12 to $20.  The menu also includes a plethora of interesting and tempting apps.  But we (a group of 4) are here for the pizza

BTW, I think its a brilliant move to add the “by [your name]” part oto the name.  Just makes it look that much cooler.  i.e. Le Grand Véfour by Ziggy.  Love the sound of that.

Anyway, we started with the Montarana, a Starita specialty which is lightly fried dough with smoked buffalo mozzarella and their signature tomato sauce.  A different tasting pizza and in a good way.  Liked it a lot.

The Girella was a hit as well, with that prosciutto, grape tomatoes , 2 types of cheese and other complementing goodies.

The weakest link was probably the white prosciutto with Arugula pie. Not bad, just not as flavorful as the other others.

Another group favorite was the Diavola.   Nicely charred and tasty crust with tomato, fresh mozzarella and slightly spicy sopressata (pepperoni like).  Terrific stuff!!!

Don Antonio by Starita, as the name implies prides itself in serving creative pizzas using fresh ingredients the Napoli way.  In an area filled with pre-theater tourist traps, its nice to have this quicky option. Check it out loyal readers (how many are left at this point I wonder – My wife stopped reading after post #2)

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