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HK Guide Update

Annabel PizzaA Frenchman walks into a bar with a chicken on his head. ‘What the hell is that?’ asks the barman. The chicken replies, ‘I don’t know – it started as a wart on my ass and grew.’

A little French chicken humor for ya to set the mood.  The list is getting bigger, my sense of humor is getting smaller, here’s what I’m adding…

Pizza and Beer – Annabel.  Just tried it a few hours ago (the things I do for you people.  And for what?).  Just opened last week.  Kinda striking, woodsy space.  Great Neapolitan like wood oven pizza with nifty toppings like ricotta, duck prosciutto, blueberry chutney, an even better looking craft beer menu on tap, fresh pasta and more.  Cant wait to explore the rest of this menu.  Behind the name is another cow story

Vietnamese – Co Ba 53.  About time we get some decent Vietnamese here.  Nice Pho (soups) and Bahn Mi and very affordable combinations for lunch. Try the Banh mi thit -assorted cold cuts, grilled honey plum glazed pork, house made pickles, cilantro, jalapenos, and mayo.  For something a bit more exotic but really exceptional try the Bun Co Ba – Crispy spring rolls with grilled tiger shrimp, and honey plum glazed pork over rice vermicelli with fresh herbs, served with a chili lime dressing and peanuts.

Sushi – Ageha Sushi – So I went on a Sushi Sabbatical of sorts in the neighborhood and discovered.. new Italian bars that I’m very excited about!  And yes, decent sushi can be found here indeed.  At Ageha I felt most comfortable alone, and with a group.  Sashimi is nice and fresh, and the Chirashi although not too traditional, was plentiful and very satisfying.  For something slightly higher end looking but just as affordable consider Shimizu which also has excellent lunch deals.

Rotisserie Chicken – Poulette.  Little French Chickens invading Hell’s Kitchen.  Young French dude, quits his job in finance to follow his dream.. manufacture French style Rotisserie Chicken.  Only a few weeks old.  I tried the half with 2 sides which turned out to be a bit of a struggle to finish for a big eater like me, so a quarter chicken next time.  This thing was love at first bite — Moist, delicious, coated with plenty of herbs which was the difference.  Some of the best Rotisserie I’ve had.  This is more of a fast food place.  If you require more of a restaurant for your chicken needs, try Inti on 10th for Peruvian style Rotisserie chicken, and Ceviche.

Stay hungry my friends!

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Best Pizza in Hell

SaccoWho said you cant get good pizza in Hell’s Kitchen?  I did!!  Time and time again.  But things are different now.  I’ve scouted, examined, food poisoned the neighborhood to death for you loyal readers, both of yous.  Here are the results…

saccoSacco – You want 99 cents slice?  Plenty around.  But if you want the quintessential New York slice done right, you head to Sacco, in business for over 50 years.  The slice holds it own, nothing soggy, perfect thickness and full of flavor.  You will be hard pressed to find a better NY slice.

Don Antonio – The Las Vegas of the NY pizza.  Meaning its not exactly your average NY pizza hole in the wall.  A full menu of antipasti and a huge array of pies.  This is Neapolitan pizza at its best from the Keste (west village) master and Antonio Starita from the famed Pizzeria Starita a Materdei in Naples.  Need I say more?  I have no idea who they are but it sure sounds impressive.   I’ve sampled about 8 pies here.  Try the lightly fried Montanara for something a little different, or the Diavola with the Sopressata which is meatier and milder than Merilu’s.  Wood burning oven means don’t get too comfortable.  You will get your pies within minutes.  Great for sharinDon Antonio Diavola

John’s Pizzeria – Another old-timer.  Eat and pray.  This is the touristy one with good cause, set in a former church.  Like a huge pizza diner.  No slices here and no individual pies like Don Antonio so not that sharing friendly.  But what you get is fresh ingredients and an excellent overall pie.  Love the Margheritas hereJohn's Pizza

Merilu – From Torino to NYC, Merilu with her 4 children and cousins (husband just eats the stuff, my kind of family) are making some great oblong shaped pies.  Is it a rectangle? Is it oval?  Who knows, who cares, its delicious.  Thin tasty crust with just the right balance of ingredients.  My favorite is the spicy sopressata.  If they have it out that day that is.  Otherwise try the Margherita or anything else that looks good on the display.  And if you come on Friday or Saturday you can also experience “the Merilu the meatball a”.  Juicy, meaty, cheesy goodness.  Fantastico stuff!

MeriluMerilu Meatballs

Capizzi – A solid alternative to the Don Antonio, John’s craziness and perhaps the closest thing to a pizza parlor you can only find in the outer boroughs.  The ingredients speak for themselves, like the bright fresh tomato sauce and the extra meaty pepperoni and sausagesCapizzi

So there you have it.  I’m pretty sure I’m not missing anything but if I am, comment away.  Buon Appetito Amigos.

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