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My Top 10 bites of 2012 in NYC

Some of the best eating we’ve done in 2012 was outside of NYC.  Mainly in New Orleans, Israel, and Turks and Caicos.  But there was plenty of eating in our back yard…

Marea – Astice.   Nova Scotia lobster + creamy Burrata, + Eggplant al funghetto + beautiful pesto drops = pure ecstasy in every bite.  I remember the feeling while eating it.  The Spaghetti with crab and fusilli not too shabby either.  Photo below courtesy of bionicgrrrl at BionicbitesMarea - Astice

Zabb Elee – Pad Ped Moo Krob.   Crispy fried and refried pork, green peppercorn, ginger, Thai eggplant and spicy curry.  A lot of heat and a lot flavor
Aldea – Shrimp Alhinho – loved the dish, not the meal.  Large succulent shrimp with a nice complex sauce.  Well done!
Alta – bacon wrapped dates.  Skip the other half of the dish (the olives) and get more of these babies.  Bacon never tasted that good.
Scarpetta – Rabbit Agnolotti – Perfectly cooked rabbit in those pillowy delicate Agnolotti bursting with flavor (silence of the lambs sound)

Roberta’s – Bee sting pizza.  Great tasting pie.  Spicy Sopressata (spicier than other Sopressata I’ve had) and the added honey contributed to interesting contrasting flavors.  Liked it more than Paulie Gee’s similar Delboy.  Or maybe it was the waitressesRoberta's Bee Sting Pizza
Sanrasa – Lamprie.  This Dutch influenced Sri Lankan classic is a piece of art.  Rice, meat, curry, caramelized onions, cashews, all baked wrapped in banana leaf.  What a great dish
Gazala’s Place – Hummus with lamb and pine nuts.  Nuttiest, creamiest, freshest Hummus I’ve had in NYC.Hummus with Lamb and Pine Nuts

Minetta Tavern – Black Label burger.  Best burger we ever had.  50% of it is prime 48 day aged rib eye.

Danji – Chicken wings.  This gourmet Korean tapas joint serves some mean chicken wings.  Cant wait to have them again.Danji

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Aldea – Ehh!

You know how it is.  You visit another country, come back, miss the food, look for something similar and get mildly to greatly disappointed.  With Italian its normally greatly.  Aldea (Portuguese) was mildly.

I wanted to visit Aldea for a while now and somehow scored a last minute Friday 8 pm reservations which is a miracle for Michelin Star restaurants.  Nice looking multi floor space with an open kitchen.  You can even reserve a seat facing the open kitchen which is kinda neat.  Every time I sit somewhere where stairs involved I  1) as a parent worry about the food getting to my table safely and 2) feel like I need to tip more.

The food was ok.  Started with a selection of ham which was pretty good.  They have 3 different hams on the menu but you can ask to try all if you cant make your mind.  Sea urchin – I think I’m done with Sea Urchin after 3 tries.  Add it to the short list that includes Olives and Bacalau (salted cod).  In Portugal, they love their Bacalau and they say they can make it 365 ways for every day of the year.  I think we picked the 2 worst days!  Should have ordered the gorgeous looking Foie Gras instead of the Urchin

The Shrimp Alhinho was a hit.  5 large, succulent shrimp with a very complex and flavorful sauce that includes roughly 73% of your spice cabinet, Pernot, Brandy and 2 trips to the supermarket.  Very nice dish!!  Octopus however, not so much.   Just not enough.. what you call it… Flavor.  Even the squid ink puree couldnt save it.  Couldnt help reminiscing about all the amazing Octopus we had in Portugal  for a fraction of the price.

For main we had a good but unmemorable Skate and the more memorable house specialty Arroz de Pato.  AKA Duck Paella on crack!! Toasty rice mixed with yummy duck, chorizo, not so yummy duck, spices and some clementine creme on the side (nice touch).   Very flavorful!

For Dessert, a Banana mousse was a no brainer pick but it wasnt as amazing as it sounded.  The Sonhos (little dreams) of chocolate-hazelnut, lemon curd, and salted caramel mini donuts was more like it. 

Many items here reminded me of Marea.  In Marea I felt like I ordered all the right dishes, but Aldea made me wonder what could have been.

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