Top 15 things we ate in Israel

       In the land of Milk and Hummus, incredible flavors were running wild.  2 weeks of touring and eating some of the best Israel has to offer in the North, Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, produced some heavenly results.  Here are the best things we ate in no particular order

1.  Hummus from Suhila/Abu Suhil in Akko

A silky smooth, creamy, ’no frills’, amazingly fresh Hummus, served warm with boiled chickpeas.  Simply amazing 

2.  Sashimi salmon with wasabi sorbet from Uri Buri in Akko

Best Sashimi Salmon with Wasabi Sorbet I ever had 😉   Yes, ordered it because I was curious (not a big fan of salmon) and glad I did.  An original and yummy creation of contrasting flavors.  Photo courtesy of Mark H. Anbinder

Sashimi Salmon

3.  Hazkenim Falafel in Haifa

Some of the best Falafel we ever had in a narrow little alley in the Wadi Nisna.  ‘Old People Falafe’ made me feel young again.  That and the procedure I recently had.

4.  Baked trout from Dag Al Hadan in the upper Galilee. 

Baked with Pesto and other spices, delicious fish in an incredible setting 

5.  Lachuch from the Lachuch guy in Tsfat

Whether you want it like a pizza or a wrap, master Ronen will dish out a wonderful snack of Yemenite spongy flat bread with tomatoes, zaatar, onions and fresh cheese.  Add a spoonful of the spicy Z’hug and you got yourself a meal.

6.  The plate from the Ussafia hospitality lunch.

Fresh pita with zaatar, hummus, kabobs, fresh salads and more.  I’ll let the picture do the drooling…  

7.  Hummus with meat from the Lebanese Restaurant in Abu ghosh

Rich, wonderful hummus with nicely seasoned meat with pine nuts.  The rest of the salads were not too shabby as well in this village just outside of Jerusalem

8.  Kibbeh from Rachmo in Jerusalem

If this cafeteria style establishment makes it that day, get it as a meat dumpling in tomato soup or fried like a fried meat patty (I prefered the soup).  I could have easily mentioned their amazing Hummus instead here.  A must while visiting Mahane Yehuda 

9.  Coffee bean Halva from the King of Halva in Mahane Yehuda in the Jerusalem

Halva is something I eat a lot (I had some this morning – Feh!).  This is fresh, melt in your mouth, savory nutty Halva.  Absolutely delicious.  Now I’m drooling.  Cant get that in NY

10.  Shawarma from Turk Lahmacun in Tel Aviv

Veal, lamb, turkey Shawarma, or go Meshugenah and have all 3 inside a Lahmajun, flat bread topped with meat and spices baked in their taboon oven.  Add some Amba (mango condiment) close your eyes and enjoy the show.  p.s open your eyes occasionally to see if you need more Amba or if your finger is bleeding

11.   Pargit from Dr. Shakshuka in Jaffa/Tel aviv

The Shakshuka may be the famous dish here but we found their tender and juicy Pargit (boneless chicken thighs) irresistible

12.  Spicy Halabi Kabob from Haj Kahil in Jaffa/Tel Aviv

A piece of art.  Wonderful meat stuffed with herbs and nuts served with roasted tomatoes in a soup like tomato broth covered with pastry dough with zaatar.  Simply delicious!

13.  Malabi from Haj Kahil in Jaffa/Tel Aviv 

The Knaffe may be the popular dessert here but this milk pudding with pistachios stole the show. Couldnt get enough of this Panna Cotta like deliciousness

14.  Sabich from Sabich Frishman in Tel Aviv

A glorious and flavorful sandwich of Eggplant, hard-boiled eggs, tahini and spices in pita.  Very tasty

15.  Brioche French toast with jam from Benedict in Tel Aviv

C’est Magnifique!!

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6 thoughts on “Top 15 things we ate in Israel

  1. oh my oh my oh my!! I am drooling! All the very best of things to eat…and I am in India now! Will have to wait until I get home to satisfy my hunger pangs at the moment. 🙂

  2. And I can go for some Indian right now although our “chicken tikka masala’d” american Indian probably pales in comparison to yours


  3. Hey there,

    Excellent list.

    Turk Lahmacun is wonderful, there is a place called Istanbul on carlibach street which is even better.
    Just wonderfully spiced mutton shawarma, they run out of the stuff by 15:00 so you best be there early.

    I think you will benefit from this list of best workingman’s eateries with a little local help or google translator.


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