Israel in Pictures – Haifa and North Coast

Day 1

Our amazing Israel adventure started at the Dan Panorama in Haifa.   Arriving on Saturdays means good luck getting your room on time.  Brunch at Habank right next to the hotel and off to see the Haifa sites…

The first major site was this thing called Shoko, chocolate milk in a bag.  Shoko quickly became our favorite travel companion for the next 14 days.

Dan Panorama is conveniently located near the ‘Tayelet’, a promenade leading to magnificent views of the Haifa Bay and the Bahai Gardens.   You can also nice views of the gardens from the bottom, the German colony area.

Bahai gardenHaifa Bay

Went for a walk at the arab neighborhood of Wadi Nisnas which included a great falafel from Hazkenim and then off to the beach promenade.

Day 2 – Akko

After experiencing our first tastes of the famous Israeli breakfast, we headed to Acco.  First stop, Lohamei Hagetaot (The Ghetto fighters house) originally founded by Holocaust survivors in which among them were members of the ghetto underground.  The main museum is the world’s first Holocaust Museum built in 1949.  We were here to see Yad Layeled, a memorial commemorating the 1.5 million children perished during the Holocaust.  The picture below came from a room filled with stained glass works which are based on children’s drawings during the Holocaust

Yad LayeledYad Layeled I should also add is suitable for the entire family including younger kids, unlike Yad Vashem which does not permit kids under 10.

We spent the rest of the day in Akko which is not short of historic sites…

Turkish Baths

Akko has it all.  The spectacular Knights Halls, a vibrant Shuk, a colorful port, and some of the best Hummus Israel has to offer.  Not to mention one of Israel’s most renowned seafood eateries Uri Buri.  A full day is required here.

Day 3 – Carmel area and Caesaria

Started day 3 in Beit Shearim, an archeological site of ancient tombs (catacombs) dating back to the 2nd century.  It is believed that the main author of the Mishnah and a key leader during the Roman occupation, Rabbi Yehuda Hanasi was once burried here.

After Beit Shearim we climbed back the carmel mountains to visit Beit Oren for some off road ATV-ing.   Needless to say I was a very dirty boy.

Lunch was in the Druze village of Usafia courtesy of Usafia Hospitality where we learned about the Druze way of life.

Beit ShearimBeit ShearimBeit Oren

2000 year old great roman city of Caesaria was more enjoyable than I imagined.  King Herod went to great extent to impress master Caesar (hence the name Caesaria).  The park really did a great job bringing the city back to life.


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