36 Hours in Zagreb

IMG_4157Its easy to overlook the capital once you look at the rest of Croatia, but you need to fly home from somewhere.  Two nights, one full day is a good amount of time to see the sights, most of which from a compact center.  By this stage of the trip, food research fatigue took over.  But we still managed to sneak in a good final meal

The main cathedral is striking as expected.  As was St Mark’s church and its unique tiled roof.  The Museum of Broken Relationship was intriguing but I got bored quickly.  Fortunately Mrs Ziggy was as well, so no museum donations were in store for us!  I did spend more time in the Dolac market than I’d like to admit.  Those European markets just never cease to amaze.

We didnt think we’ll have the time for Mirogoj Cemetery, but we managed.  It turned out to be the highlight, especially once I found Drazen Petrovic’s grave (that was a tough one).  But the most moving moment came from the scene at Stone Gate.  Back in the day a painting of Virgin Mary with baby Jesus survived a devastating fire and major damage to the gate.  So an odd looking shrine build inside the gate, where many locals go to pray and light candles.

The best and only meal worthy of mention came from a place called Kod Pere, which happened to be right next door to our apartment (Feels Like Home Apartments).   The environment is that of a comfortable, seemingly popular, regular restaurant.  But there’s nothing regular about its menu (according to locals).  You essentially eat traditional specialties grandma and her family assistants are cooking that day.  The Last of this kind I’m told.  Everything was done with care and quite delicious, especially the crepes for dessert.


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One thought on “36 Hours in Zagreb

  1. I was just in Zagreb for a few minutes waiting to switch up trains and was upset I didn’t get to see the Museum of Broken Relationship. Glad I didn’t miss too much, but would still like to check out the city someday – looks beautiful!

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