Chelsea Lately Mini Update

Cull and Pistol CounterThe burning question.  In the midst of all that madness, what exactly should I look for in this Zombie infested former Nabisco factory.  I added a couple of names for 2017 without feeling the need to change anything else.  This is just mostly a fresh reminder since I’m constantly being asked by people.  What should I target in Chelsea Market…

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2 thoughts on “Chelsea Lately Mini Update

  1. Tanya

    Have you been to the basement “local” level yet? It’s where the fresh foods and groceries are now apparently. So that means places like the Manhattan Fruit Exchange are down there now….what is in their original place upstairs?

  2. Tanya

    Sorry for the delay, but thanks for the personal email reply. Much appreciated. I guess personal replies prevent the anomosity by others lol.

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