Brooklyn Tour FAQ

After doing this for about a year now, I feel the need to write this.  This is a collection of the many questions I get often (besides the first one).  If I’m missing something, write in the comments, or shoot me an email.  This will also appear in the tours site of course

What is the Brooklyn Tour?

Its a full day driving tour of Brooklyn where we explore about 6 distinct neighborhoods not very easily reached otherwise.  While there will be plenty of interesting food involved, the tour is more of a cultural immersion experience with the goal to show visitors the “real” Brooklyn

What time does it start and finish?

9 to around 5 or 6, although an earlier finish time can be requested.  I’m usually around the pickup location 15 to 30 minutes prior.

How much does it cost?

At the time of this writing its $100 per person for 3 or more people in the tour (regardless if its the same group or not), and $125 for just 2 people.

What’s included in the price

Food and water.  As of tomorrow (August 23rd, 2107) I will finally start utilizing my super cool Trip Advisor cooler 😉

Can I come solo?

Oh Yes!  But as long as I can combine you with another group.  Many solo travelers have joined this tour over the last year, and its a great way to meet other people

When should I book?

As early as possible, and as soon as you know your dates.  As of this writing (August 22nd, 2017) much of September and October is already booked, and pretty much the entire Xmas holiday season.

How do I book?

Just send me an email with your dates, and how many people.

How many people can the tour include?

4 to 6, or as many as I can fit into an SUV with a folding third raw.  4 comfortably plus 1 or 2 smaller people in the back.

Where is the pickup location?

Usually the hotel.  But in some cases it makes more sense to meet at a predetermined location closer to Brooklyn, usually at 22 Warren st (outside of Gran Morsi restaurant).  The situations include hotels that are too far, and multiple groups with hotels far apart.  If you are not familiar with Google Maps, this is the time to get familiar

Where is the drop off location?

At the same location as pickup or other convenient locations.  Many prefer to be dropped in Dumbo and walk Brooklyn Bridge back, concluding a wonderful day in Brooklyn.

What neighborhoods are we going to see in Brooklyn?

Red Hook – One of NY’s most funkiest neighborhoods.
Green-Wood Cemetery – Perhaps the most beautiful and important cemetery in the US
Brighton Beach – An oceanside, Russian speaking neighborhood
Coney Island – The most iconic Brooklyn neighborhood
Prospect Park South – An historic district consisting of large homes in a park-like environment
Sunset Park – The most genuine Chinatown in the US today (Yes, I’ve said it)
Dumbo and Brooklyn Heights – Quick stops if we have time, and/if you are interested.

What are we going to eat?

A lot of good stuff.  Nothing is set in stone as some places close sometimes.  But it may include a visit to a chocolate factory, experience the best key lime pie in NYC, Portuguese egg tarts, Chinese, Uzbek, Korean, Russian, American, and more.  We will also visit some International stores and a Chinese supermarket.  Some of the places are very unique to Brooklyn and pretty much the USA

Should I make dinner plans?

No!  Unless its very late.  You will not be hungry for a while.  This may be a good day to have some late pizza and I can certainly help with that.  As of this writing I’m working on a pizza map

What about gluten-free, vegetarian, allergies?

Yes, all can be accommodated.  The only thing I cant promise is avoiding the possibility of cross contamination.  Also, many of the people working in some of these places have extremely limited English but I will do my best

My husband is a very picky.  Will he starve?

I had plenty of picky eaters so far that came back very satisfied.  If anything some of this may change your views on food.  And there’s always Nathan’s!

You are not available for my dates.  Can you recommend a similar tour?

I get this asked often.  I’m not aware of any other tours like it unfortunately.  The closest I know are the various pizza tours like A slice of Brooklyn and Scott’s Pizza Tour.  These are bigger, more organized tours that are fun no doubt, but you can get amazing pizza in Manhattan as well.  I concentrate on the things you cant.

Can I customize the tour with you?

Only if you are the only party.  If you want to see other parts or eat other food like pizza, we can.  But if I’ll feel that you will get a lesser experience as a result, I will let you know

How much walking is involved?

Between 30 to 60 minutes in each neighborhood with plenty of stops.  Sometimes during the tour we even elect to drive through some areas

What if I fall asleep in the car.  Will you drive around the drop off location for a while until I wake up, and put some easy listening in the process?

Yes, I’ve done that too.

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3 thoughts on “Brooklyn Tour FAQ

  1. jennyr

    Great summary. For folks reading and wondering whether or not to do the tour…just do it; it;s a great day out.

  2. Sounds just fab!! 🙂

    One day I will do this tour….one day…just hoping by the time it happens it wont be with a walking cane 😉

  3. I love this post, Ziggy, that explains a lot better what you do and how your passion gets satisfied through making customers happy. I’m glad to read your agenda is getting packed so fast, plus the tour sounds like a loooooot of fun in just one day! And oh, Red Hook!! One of my best experiences during my last stay in NYC in 2016, as you already know. And of course, all other areas sound like exciting locations too, just reading their names makes me want to explore more of Brooklyn next time. I’m truly happy for you that your business is healthily growing, Mazal tov!

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