The Pizza Map


September 20th, 2019 Update

Added a bunch of places including my favorites in Staten Island (nothing near the ferry however so not really for tourists).  I also marked the type of pizza for each one (slices, pies, Neapolitan, etc)

Drop:  Bruno Pizza, Martina.  Bruno was dishing out creative pies, but struggled with staff pay and filling the room, and some of the most uncomfortable bar stools in NYC.  Martina on the other hand was the most painful pizza closing in NYC history.  Perhaps the most unique pizza parlor in a city that wasnt quite ready for it, or understood it.

Add:  Three places in Staten Island (Joe and Pat’s, Lee’s Tavern, Giove’s).  While none of them are near the ferry, you can get to Lee’s Tavern fairly quickly with the train.  It’s a dive bar with one of the best bar pizzas in NYC.  Village Square Pizza is run by former Price Street employees doing the same thing and more without the hoopla.  Scarr’s is yet another solid NY slice.  Biga is a full service restaurant that designs various specialty pies where much of the focus is on the dough.  Other newcomers I tried didnt pass my inspection.  One of them (Rossa) already closed.

October 8th, 2017 Post

Below is what I consider a map of some of the best pizza in NYC.  I will update the map from time to time without notice, and at the moment I dont have time to edit the individual listings with the proper explanations.  So its a good idea to read about the place before you go, or at the very least to make sure its still open.  While you can bet that something like Joe’s will be open a year from now, a place like Bruno pizza may not.  But I will try to update the map as often as I can

Many of these like the Hell’s Kitchen plays will look familiar (Maybe other than Corner Slice which I had 3 hours ago perhaps for the 10th time).  But some of these like Brunetti and Tramonti are fairly recent discoveries.  Brunetti makes a gorgeous Neapolitan and one of the best clam pies I’ve had in NYC.  I already discussed Martina, and older faves like Pasquale Jones and Roberta’s.  In Chelsea I’m only including Gotham Pizza, a surprisingly delicious slice for a chain (they add bread crumbs to the crust for extra crunch), while places like Co. essentially priced themselves out.

Needless to say to produce this map, I had a lot of pizza in the past few months.  But I also included two powerhouses (Lucali and Keste) that I’ve never actually tried as of this writing.  Since I’ve been frequenting Keste’s half sister Don Antonio, Keste is the just about the last thing I want to eat when I find myself stranded in West Village.  And Lucali’s legendary waits dont bode well with my legendary waits allergies, but you may get better luck.  Many consider Lucali the best pizza in NYC

Also in Brooklyn, you got the pie with the best view in Fiornino, and arguably one of the best slices in NYC in Best PizzaRoberta’s is tough to get to, which is why I added the “mini Roberta” in Urbanspace Vanderbuilt.   I didnt add any of the Brooklyn legends like Totonnos and Di Fara for various reasons.  The only long timer pie on the list is John’s on Bleeker which dishes out a truly excellent NY style.  There are also some Manhattan newcomers just about to open that I’m keeping my eyes on like Sorbillo and Joe and Pats of the famous Joe and Pats on Staten Island.  I will update the map as soon as they open and pass the Ziggy inspection

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6 thoughts on “The Pizza Map

  1. jennyr261

    Hey Ziggy – on the Z List, you say of Rubirosa <> but it’s not on the pizza map! How come?

  2. jennyr261

    Hey Ziggy – on the Z List, you say of Rubirosa <> but it’s not on the pizza map! How come?

    Oh, found it on the map, but no mention of it in the text.

    • Yep, its on the map alright. But I dont really mention everyone in the text. Just some distinct notables

  3. Ttrockwood

    Have you even been to Lazarra’s? It’s an odd location on 38th near the post office, b/w 7th and 8th. Really great very thin crust style. Don’t bother with anything but the pizza, the salads are beyond boring and the “garlic squares” app is just the piiza dough with garlic and oil. But somehow the pizzas are really good! I’ve had their pizza many many times over the years since i have always worked in the area.
    Good call on the mini Roberta’s in vanderbuilt hall, they do a great job and it’s more accessible without a crazy long wait time.

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