This is Anguilla

IMG_7596 IMG_7608 IMG_7621 IMG_7639 IMG_7797 IMG_7810 IMG_7713 IMG_7654 IMG_7819 IMG_7823 IMG_7871 IMG_7963 IMG_7882 IMG_7937 IMG_7636 IMG_7613 IMG_7875 IMG_7599 IMG_7672 IMG_7761 IMG_7816 IMG_7900 IMG_7852 IMG_7845 IMG_7959 IMG_7822 IMG_7799

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13 thoughts on “This is Anguilla

  1. EllenLV

    Your photography skills are as good as your writing skills. Beautiful!!

  2. dianne

    Ziggy! Love the pics of Anguilla! Especially the view out from Mali. When we wer there we climbed the rocks to get to the small beach. They were still under construction and what a mess! looks good now.

    dianne djb from TCI forum

  3. EllenLV

    Where are the Quan Yen’s located? That’s a new one on me.

  4. Kim McIntosh

    Wonderful pictures!

  5. EllenLV

    Fabulous, love them! I might just have to go to see those!

  6. Above the straw hate, whose plate is that, Jacala’s? Hibernia’s?

  7. Ttrockwood

    Amazing photographs. Just looking them over i feel more relaxed! What a great escape that must be from the day to day crazy of nyc. Enjoy your time there!

  8. joebwan

    Great photos zig, looks like you had a really great trip! I hope we find ourselves there one day, mainly for the food and the people.

  9. From one who knows -Why are there not names under pictures – do not attack long time Anguilla TA for their questions (pepper) – I too add some remarks as an Anguillan long time returning resident to a country I love and wish to keep as a long time joy filled returning paradise for all wishing to lime and not think about anything but happiness while Anguilla

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