This is Königssee

2151Did you think I was done with our Austrian/Czech Trip?  Think again.  I only left out possibly the best day.  The German day.  Specifically Berchtesgadener National Park near the Austrian border.  In fact for us, driving from Salzburg, it didnt seem like we are venturing into the German side.  The weather that day was misty, and fairly cloudy throughout the day, but got better after lunch.  And oh boy what lunch it was at the marvelous lake side Echostuberl, despite our much anticipated “Ya we have good Oxtail” turning out to be the 5th pork knuckle of the trip.

If I have to give one tip about this one to those researching, dont miss the stunning Obersee, the stop at the end.  So many get off the church and come back.  Its not only Obersee itself, but the walk to it, and the cows.  Perhaps the luckiest cows on the planet.  Ok, getting hungry… here are some pictures

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