A Man and His Lake – Tioga Pass (Yosemite)

Dog LakeEarlier this month we spent a day and a half exploring the sites off Tioga Pass road in Yosemite’s High Country.  Olmsted Point, Tenaya Lake, Tuolumne Meadows including hikes to see the Soda Springs, and the serene Dog Lake where I practice my Jesus walk above.  And since our accommodations were close enough (the amazing Evergreen Lodge) we were able to sneak in another visit to see the Sequoias of Tuolumne Grove.  Cant recommend this highly enough, especially Olmsted Point (hike down to the left to the actual point – views from the parking lot arent enough), and Tuolumne Meadows where you can easily spend an entire day.

California-2015 783

Olmsted Point

Olmsted Point

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One thought on “A Man and His Lake – Tioga Pass (Yosemite)

  1. Hummus Whisperer

    Not a mention about food, and you call this a food blog? Nice pics btw.

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