A Man and his Mountain. And a Choo Choo Train

1546Consider this Hallstat part deux.  A day so immense with beauty that it requires two posts.  Three actually with a visit to Bad Ischl in between.  50 minutes from Salzburg, in the town of St Wolfgang in the region of Salzkammergut you can hop aboard the SchafbergBahn, the little red engine that could.   A 40 minute picturesque trek takes you to the summit of the Schafberg where you are surrounded by 16 lakes.  Ok, I may have counted the same lake more than twice but you get the idea.  A breathtaking, stunning, 360 panorama, with a little restaurant on top to boot.  If you decide to stay less than an hour in the summit after seeing this, there’s something seriously wrong with you

1478 1467 1538 1501 1545 1553 1566 1571 1619 1615 1613 1600 1585 1584 1576 1634 1644




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3 thoughts on “A Man and his Mountain. And a Choo Choo Train

  1. Tanya

    Absolutely beautiful place and photos. I’d spend an hour.

  2. Brenda Zdenek

    Ziggy – OMG I SO needed ‘mountains’ this morning…. thanks for posting this!!!! Brenda Z

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