Český Krumlov and the Shoe Shine Fairy

Český KrumlovTwo hours by car, 700 years by feel.  175 km south of Prague lies this UNESCO World Heritage beauty.  The old town is inside a horseshoe bend shape surrounded by a river, and to view it from the castle was priceless.   It was almost like stepping inside one of those fairy tale books I read to Mrs Z sometimes (Its a strange fetish but I wouldnt mention to her, she’s very sensitive about that).  To give you an idea of what I’m talking about, something rather strange peculiar mystical happened to me while we were exploring the old town, and I got the picture to prove it.  I got my shoes shined by the shoe shine fairy!  I was told it was part of a dare of a bridal party or something.  Liars! or just jealous really. I got dirty, my shoes needed a cleaning, and the fairy, a beautiful blond fairy with a magic stick the shape of a di@#$%0 (true.  Cant post that picture) came to the rescue.  End of story.  I believe!

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