5 lbs and a Carrot Later

NOLA 2014 626We live to tell the tale!  Four days in beautiful New Orleans with kids resulted in blisters, a visit to the police station, a carrot, Will Ferrell, choked chickens, and some mighty incredible eats (again).  Here are some tidbits about the trip.

  • As is the case with so many of out trips, perhaps our most memorable meal was the furthest from the tourist areas.  Check out Bevi Seafood if you can
  • Bourbon street is a good place to show the kids what happens if you dont do your homework.
  • Pastry chefs all over town like Herbsaint’s Rhonda Ruckman (killer B’s – Banana Brown Butter tart below) are showing off some major talentHerbsaint Banana Butter tart
  • Cafe du Monde is still the Beignet to beat according to the official by default  Ziggy Family Test Taste.  Edging Cafe Beignet by a hair covered with powdered sugar
  • When both your daughters reach puberty, the “cute vs new vs  comfortable shoes” dilemma that ruins just about every walking tour gets multiplied by 3
  • After a Passover style pilgrimage to the grandmother of all Snowball places, I’m still convinced that there’s nothing worth standing on long lines for.
  • The key ingredient to a good hotel in NOLA is good plumbing
  • Checking out the sculpture garden at City Park is worthwhileNOLA 2014 739
  • WWII Museum is a big time national museum that is getting bigger and bigger
  • If you simply stick to Donald Link establishments (Peche, Herbsaint, Cochon Butcher, Cochon) chances are you will eat much better than the next guy.  Unless the next guy is the Donald
  • Get the hushpuppies, fried bread, crawfish jalapeno capellini, whole grilled fish, pineapple rum cake at Peche (Redfish below) and call me in the morning.  Well, dont call me.  Its just an expression.Peche Whole Redfish
  • Easter is a good time to visit.  Great weather, nicely dressed folks, and if you flash one of them during the parade you get a carrot.
  • Try reserving one day for munching in the quarter panicky first time parent style (eat every few hours).  BBQ Shrimp at Mr B’s, Chargrilled Oysters at Felix’s, Crawfish Etouffee or Crawfish boil at the French market will do for a very special lunch
  • If you hear any form of shouting while at any cemetery it means you need to get the hell outta there before they lock you inside.
  • Atchafalaya may be my new favorite brunch place
  • If the steep sidewalk curbs dont hurt you, stepping on one while suddenly facing 2 girls covered with just paint willNOLA 2014 268 NOLA 2014 462 NOLA 2014 791 NOLA 2014 610 NOLA 2014 416 NOLA 2014 786 NOLA 2014 591 NOLA 2014 322 NOLA 2014 201 NOLA 2014 474 NOLA 2014 198



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4 thoughts on “5 lbs and a Carrot Later

  1. Marg

    Your pictures are amazing! They make me want to book a trip to NOLA right away!

  2. Tanya

    So many good tips here and not enough time….

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