NOLA Bound

Zoo10 reasons why this could very well be my last post…

10.  I’ve always said that if I ever get a heart attack, chances are it will be in foodie heaven New Orleans.

9.  Once Mrs Ziggy finds out the eating schedule I have in store, it may be the end of me.

8.  3 cemeteries as part of the itinerary including Nocholas Cage’s future grave may mean plenty of deep reflecting about what exactly I am doing with my life.

7.  I may choke on Mr B’s BBQ Shrimp, out of excitement

6.  Last time I cheated on Matzos I wound up in the emergency room with severe case of hemorrhoids

5.  I don’t know how I will react to being allowed to drink in public

4.  9 out of 10 mental health professionals see a direct correlation between depressed zoo animals and depressed Americans.  Maybe we should skip the zoo this time

3.  I may get killed (thoughts courtesy of 2 full seasons of Treme)

2.  If I survive #9, I may not survive the 1.5 miles I plan to walk for a shaved ice snack.  The bi@#$ will kill me

1.  Last time I biked with the wife in public I wound up in the emergency room, with severe case of hemorrhoids

Bon Voyage.  It was a pleasure!

Nola Zoo

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2 thoughts on “NOLA Bound

  1. Shaved ice ?!?!?!?! what the hell is shaved ice???? In New Orleans we have sno-balls. Ice turned into the consistency of snow in magic grinding machines. Then filled, usually with (an endless choice ) of syrups in all possible and some not so possible flavors. some even stuffed with ice cream or whatever. The best are to be found at Hanson’s on Tchoupitoulas or Plum Street on guess where. Rather good competition to these two can be found all overtown and the ‘burbs. Bon appetit !

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