Il Forno di Sullivan

Sullivan Street BakeryIt was the end of Friday Donuts as we knew it.  The culprit?  Sullivan Street Bakery.  Here’s what happened.  We had to kill Dress Up Friday prematurely since some of the youngsters in the office didn’t actually own a tie, or shirts without any South Park or Breaking Bad references, or a belt for that matter.  So Friday Donuts was born with everyone taking turns bringing a dozen dunkin donuts every Friday.  There is reason to live!  I resisted at first and did not participate.  A) I prefer to eat earlier.  B) I actually enjoy Breakfast.  C) This is as exciting as Green Borscht Tuesdays.  But I eventually succumbed, added myself to the list and brought my first donuts, just like everyone else from Dunkin Donuts.  Whoop-De-Freakin-Doo!  But on my next turn I decided to show them how to do it.  By spending 3 times as much!

Sullivan CanottosSo I went to Sullivan Street Bakery and bought the following: 6 huge jelly filled Bombolonis, essentially donuts on crack.  Two sweet Canottos, pastries filled with various seasonal fruits, mascarpone, nuts and more (just about my favorite item at Sullivan.  Every bite tastes different.  They also have savory Canottos with prosciutto among other things), and two of the best Almond Croissants you will find in NY.  Game over!  Goodbye Friday Donuts, hello Green Borscht Tuesdays.  Till this day we still talk about how Friday Donuts somehow sunk into oblivion after that breakfast

photo (5)

You can walk on 47th between 10th and 11th and easily miss 3 gems.  An Ice cream maker, a Bodega, and the aforementioned bakery, the closest thing we have to a Roman forno.  Besides the sweet stuff, you got a plethora of goodies that will satisfy any bread aficionado.  Highlights include a chestnut-colored walnut raisin loaf that goes very well with butter in the morning.  A baguette like Stirato that is airy, chewy, and best before the cleaning lady comes (so messy).  I love bringing it home when Mrs Ziggy makes soup and pop it in the oven for a few minutes (I wait until temp reaches 375 or when the smoke alarm goes off.  Whichever comes sooner).  Another similarly messy deliciousness is the marvelous Pugliese.

Sullivan Pecorino biancaYou will also find various paninis, and the popular thin crust room temperature pizzas.  One of my favorites is the aged pecorino filled Strecci, wonderfully chewy and salty pizza dough.  Or try the Strecci topped with tomatoes (or olives, feh!) and a touch of Rosemary

I first discovered Sullivan inside Scarpetta’s bread basket, aka the sickest bread basket in town.  Then it started following me in various specialty stores until I finally popped in, and pretty much never left.  Sometimes they call the cops or try to hit me with Jim Lahey’s heavy cookbook.  Rarely works!  Love knows no bounds.

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4 thoughts on “Il Forno di Sullivan

  1. I love Sullivan Street Bakery! I need to go there again soon. Thanks for reminding me 🙂 Great post. You got yourself a fan!

  2. Michelle

    Those almond croissants look amazing! Sullivan Street Bakery has been on my list for a number of years, just have not made it there.

    Who knows….. someone might step up to your challenge and bring donuts from Donut Plant! Ummmm…. creme brulee donut!

  3. Linda Pautler

    WOW Ziggy….you had me hook, line & sinker in your third sentence when I read the workd “bakery” ! I absolutely adore sweets and baked goods. After reading countless post and reviews by you regarding food I just knew in my hungry tummy that this bakery has to be something special. Well the pictures surely did not dissapoint at all……so guess where I will be dragging my son to in January !! lol 🙂 thanks for the post !!!

  4. Tanya

    Those Bombolonis and Canottos look awesome.

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