Sorpasso in Rome – 10 More Minutes

Italy - 2013 2469“10 more minutes!”  “10 more minutes!”  “Altri 10 minuti per la grande cucina”  That’s what I tell visitors staying in Times Square  or any other famous tourist attraction.  That’s what I tell my family often on our vacations.  My youngest doesn’t even ask anymore.  “Dad, how far is lun.. oh let me guess… 10 minutes?”  Another 10 minutes and you get to a little foodie paradise, where tourists are largely outnumbered (those pesky, annoying tourists!), where you are not being taken advantage of, where there are no waiters standing outside suddenly speaking your language and complimenting your hair.  10 minutes away, the food gets more refined, and the ingredients begin to talk.

Such is the case with Sorpasso in Prati.  10 minutes, depending on the size of your heels, from the Vatican.  And if you do indeed wear heels to the Vatican as I’ve seen so many do, than I really have no sympathy for you.  I bet you are also the kind that spends a ton of time “freshening up” in the ladies room while on a date.  Why do women do that?  If the makeup needs refreshing every hour, doesn’t it mean you simply need to buy better or new makeup?  The only time you’ll see a man in the bathroom staring at the mirror is after his left leg fell asleep while sitting in the stall for too long and he’s waiting for the blood to start flowing again before he can walk normally, but until then he pretends that he’s busy with his hair or shirt, or answering an important text

But I digress, Soprasso while not your typical Roman Trattoria delivered all sorts of big flavors…

Mozzarella ball – Heavenly!

Hard Cheese with pear and honey – A revelation!  Supposedly a hard to find Umbrian cheese according to waitress.

A gorgeous Salumi plate included fantastic Mortadella, savory speck and ultra tasty dry salami.  The type that normally gets my attention at a Salumeria

Strozzapreti (obviously invented when someone envisioned a pasta shape while watching a priest being strangled) with monkfish and fresh tomato sauce – couldn’t get enough of this one

Fettuccine with pesto, zucchini flowers and sunflower seeds. Perhaps the single best pesto sauce I ever ate.

Orecchiette (Mike Tyson’s favorite pasta) with meat. Perfectly al dented pasta, tender meat. We eat this dish a lot back home but its never like this.

The pastas here were on a separate menu that changes daily, and on a pasta filled trip we found them rather exceptional.  A truly memorable lunch overall.  If there’s one tip I have to give you about Rome is go to Sorpasso after your Vatican visit.  Its 10 more minutes folks!

P.S.  I’m just about ready to embark into the next phase of my blogging career.  Any idea how much those clown guards charge?9327892123_106f0f1b5f_b

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