Las Vegas Eats – Bouchon

The most anticipated meal of the trip was the biggest miss of the trip.  We are far from Minetta Tavern!

Bouchon Bistro is a Thomas Keller restaurant in the Venezia Tower of the Venetian, offering classic French bistro fare.  One of the most popular dining options in Vegas for both brunch (famous for its chicken and waffles) and dinner (famous for its… bread?).  My mission as the foodie and food blogger of the 12 person group traveling with us was to choose a place to celebrate a friend’s birthday and after much consideration and keeping costs in mind I chose Bouchon for this special event.

Bouchon - Short Rib

It started off quite nicely.  Beautiful private room, nice ambiance and everybody happy.  The bread arrived after a while and WOW.. some of the best bread I’ve had this side of Villefranche Sur Mer.  I love good bread and butter and this is as good as it gets.  An app of mussels arrived chilled was very good, and a nice Frisée with poached egg salad as well.  Not a bad start, but a premature finish.

Steak FritesThe steak frites of choice was a $45 grilled 14 oz of dry and flavorless NY Strip.  It tasted more like a filet mignon.  Very unfortunate and the other person who ordered it agreed.  Mrs Ziggy’s beef short rib was a little better but uninspiring nonetheless except perhaps for some nice veggies and a ‘hint’ of handmade pasta surrounding it.

A few months ago in New Orleans we tried 8 different bread puddings in 5 days.  Bouchon’s would have been dead last in that race.

An hour into the meal, since our main courses weren’t taken yet, you could tell that this would be a 3 hour marathon.  And it was!  Surely I didnt mind spending the time with my friends but it is important to note in case you planning to bring your in-laws here.

Overall, Bouchon is another expensive reminder that the big name restaurants on the strip at times are just that, Big Names!

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