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Turks and Caicos – Seven

Best End of LambFirst I want to start this post by saying that I love my mom.  I love you mom!  With that said… when I was growing up as a kid I really hated fish.  I would beg to be seated away from fish dishes and after the first time I tried Gefilte Fish I was the youngest person in my city to file a restraining order against his parents.  I really hated fish but that was because the only fish I knew was my mom’s fish which she made quite often.  This is possibly the reason for one of my travel rules:  Never eat where I stay, and in general I’m not too keen on resort dining.  I love staying at the Seven Stars and everyone on Trip Advisor knows that but it took me 5 tries to finally make it to Seven, considered by many one of the top dining options on the island.  I am glad I did

Mushroom Ravioli

Terrific meal all around.  Great looking menu that is not over the top expensive for the quality ingredients included and look and feel of the dining place.   I normally dont put too much weight on service on the island but the staff at Seven was so professional and knowledgeable it was refreshing.  From Allan Duffy who is running the show, and the witty Tuscan waiter to the fairly new executive chef that knows his stuff.

Amuse-bouche Slamon

Started with a very nice Amuse-bouche of salmon tartar and a piece of salmon.   Half portion of  a main of Mushroom Ravioli with truffle cream was very pleasant.  Red Beet Gazpacho according to Hummus Whisperer was like the sickest red borscht you will ever eat,  with sherry, Avocado Ice Cream, golden beet, another kind of beet, and 2 ingredients that were told to the waiter once at a bar which I’m not allowed to say.  Sounded like a terrific starter.  Lobster Ravioli was good but could be without the caviar which overwhelmed the rest of the dish slightly.  Seafood bisque was outstanding.  They put a conch fritter, shrimp tartar and scallop and pour the bisque over.  Great flavor although Mrs Ziggy said she’d prefer just the bisque without the accompanied stuff.


Vanilla rum butter poached lobster with papaya buttermilk risotto (above) was rich and tasty.  Two people were raving about the duck breast (below).  You see I cant try everything as there’s only so much I can eat while dining with a party of 8.  The star of show was perhaps the Best End of milk fed lamb (top picture), which is a fancy British way of saying back of the Lamb Neck, or in this particular case Lamb Neck fillets – perfectly cooked medium rare, melt in your mouth deliciousness.

DuckA meal like this screams for a nice finish and the Coconut creme brûlée with almond ice cream was just that.  One of the best desserts of the last trip.  Kudos to Josu, executive chef from Basque country.  Anyone born in Basque country in Spain or Emilia Romagna in Italy is an automatic good cook.  My mother was not born in any of those places but is still a great mom.

Recommended Dishes:  Red Beet Gazpacho, Vanilla rum butter poached lobster, Best End of milk fed lamb, Coconut creme brûlée

coconut creme brulee

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Turks and Caicos – Caicos Cafe

There are 3 certainties in life as far as I’m concerned.  Death, Taxes, and that Caicos Café is Provo’s best.  Well at least in my book.  This is by far my favorite restaurant in Provo.  Since it opened in October of 2010 I’ve eaten here 9 times which is more than any place in NYC where I live and enjoy wonderful Italian fair.  Caicos Cafe fits my taste like a glove.Caicos Cafe - Tuna Tartar

Max Olivari, from a village by Lago Di Garda via NYC and Bermuda is the magician behind the scenes, dishing out some wonderful North Italian/Mediterranean/Caribbean influenced goodies. Its best to come here with a group to sample some of this stuff.  To understand the menu you need to understand this.. The guy is a little crazy.  While other establishments sport the same menu since WWII, this menu changes more often then Dennis Rodman changes harstyles (North Korea had to add 5 more to this list since his visit).  Seasonal items vary at CC.  Ate something good there in the 82 degrees summer night?  Dont expect the same thing in the dog days of winter (81 degrees).  With that said he keeps a few popular “classics” on the menu which are more or less stapled.  But thats partly what attracts me to this place.  Never boring!  I always find something new and exciting and I have yet to try a dish that I didnt like.  I’m sure some did, but not Ziggy.

Ok, lets get down to business and take a close look at the 2 amazing meals we had last week.  Keep in mind its the 8 of us.  I don’t want you to think I’m some eating freak.  I am, but I don’t want YOU to think that.

Started the first night with a very pleasant Wahoo Carpaccio special.  If you are not confused enough as far as what to order from the menu, take a look at the specials.  I can come here and eat just the specials and be more than satisfied.  This Carpaccio simply rocked with its simplicity and graceCaicos Cafe - Wahoo Carpaccio

The Tuna Tartar (top) with mango and black beans was a thing of beauty.  Like eating butter.  Beautiful, delicious soft butter.

Grilled Calamari on a skewer is a personal favorite.  A must on every visit along with the Gnocchi.  With such perfect texture hard to believe this was a frozen product minutes ago.  Add some fresh mussels, cannellini beans and a sauce that makes you ask for more bread and you got yourself a glorious starter.Caicos Cafe - Grilled Calamari

The Potato Gnocchi is another must.  We’ve been eating gnocchi here prepared in various ways since day 1.  What I love about this particular version is the Shiitake, Champignon, Porcini mushroom goodness that comes along. Forget the bread, eat this thing with a fork and a spoon (together!) and when no one is looking stick a finger or 2 (close your eyes for maximum affect).  And I’m not even such a huge gnocchi fan.  Rarely order it in NYC.Caicos Cafe - Gnocchi

Cheese Pumpkin Ravioi was another surprise.  Something I would never consider ordering normally but this was delicious.  We ordered this as a starter (2 of them in our case) so a full dish is double thisCaicos Cafe - Cheese Pumpkin RavioliHomemade Tagliolini (spaghetti on crack!) always gives me that Ratatouille moment, taking me back to Verona (where horse meat is actually preferred).  Pernot flambéed with various seafood, spices and a hint of parsley and lemon juice.  Love this dish!

Caicos Cafe - TaglioliniBread crumb and herb encrusted perfectly cooked scallops and shrimp skewers were as another popular island Max puts it, Marvelous!  Sitting on top of this savory grilled polenta.  I love Max’s use of the “I cant believe its not sun dried tomatoes, roasted tomatoes” on some of his dishes.  A welcoming sourness at times.

Caicos Cafe - Scallops and ShrimpCooked 3 way Shrimp special which Mrs Ziggy enjoyed.  Good example of the sort of experimental brilliance I was referring to.

Caicos Cafe - Shrimp speicialOrecchiette (Mike Tyson’s favorite pasta) with sweet and spicy sausage enjoyable as always.  We tried to duplicate it a few times but always miss that one key ingredient… Flavor!

Caicos Cafe - OrecchietteLobster Fra Diavolo is one of the most popular dishes on the island right now.   This one is Brandy flambéed with chili (in the past he used jalapeno skins I believe).  This is why you need to come during lobster season (Oct-March), otherwise you risking… Chicken Season!

Caicos Cafe - Lobster Fra DiavoloPork and Bean Cassoulet is one of those seasonal dog days of winter items.  I didnt try it this time (Hummus Whisperer a guest writer on this blog did) but I’ve had it before and enjoyed it.  The most popular meat dish in Caicos Cafe is the ribs

Caicos Cafe - CassouletYou cant leave the place without dessert.  In fact we even came here just for dessert once after eating somewhere else.  The Affogato (baileys, espresso, ice cream) and the Tiramisu are top notch here, and on this trip I discovered another favorite, Mango Apple Tart with honey.  Crazy good.  Chocolate Hazelnut cake below pretty much gone before I got to it

Caicos Café is the perfect example of why Trip Advisor rankings are such a joke.  This is #16 while an award winner chef at Coyaba is even lower.  Reservations are absolutely essential here.

Recommended dishes: Grilled Calamari, Gnocchi, Tuna Tartar, Tagliolini, Lobster Fra Diavolo, Affogato, Tiramisu, pretty much everything else

Caicos Cafe - Chocolate Hazelnut cakeCaicos Cafe - Apple  Mango TartCaicos Cafe - Affogato

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