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Turks and Caicos – Lemon (Closed)

Lemon - Chickpea, Date and Sweet Corn Fritter

The Family Guy of fine dining in the Turks and Caicos Islands.  You enjoy watching it when its on but never make an effort to catch it.  This was our first visit back since Lemon’s first year as I figured this was a good fit for the group of 9 I was with (They enjoy Mediterranean food and restaurants whose name starts with “L”), although my father in law is convinced there’s some sort of a conspiracy behind dark restaurants… “In Aruba, you can see the food.  And the weather is much nicer”

Lemon - MezzesStarted this one with a nice mezze assortment of hummus, baba ganoush, yoghurt and something resembling a Turkish salad.  A good starter.  Stuffed Poblano pepper had more flavor than a similar dish we had in a fancier place in Vegas the month before.  Chickpea, Date and Sweet Corn Fritter (pictured on top) = FALAFEL ON CRACK.  Delicious!  Spicy chorizo, sweet octopus and nicely spiced potatoes was excellent and a nice mix of contrasting flavors.  But…  “In Aruba you get a whole octopus, with ‘testicles’ and all”.  “Ahhm, that’s tentacles paps”.  “yes, all of them”.

Lamb shank was tender, falling off the bone (the international cliche for lamb shank, except in Russia where its called falling off the fork), however lacked any sort of interesting flavor and got boring after a while. And the accompanied couscous from the bland variety could not save it.  Lemon - Lamb ShankThere was nothing boring about the Lamb Burger.  Nice looking patty that included mint, egg and other herbs and spices.  Along with the hummus, cucumber mint yoghurt, and Brie this was one heck of a burger.  Came with the same delicious roasted potatoes as the octopus dish.  The wild mushroom Risotto with pork was outstanding as well from the few bites I took.  Skipped dessert this time though the Date Phyllo (baklava?) sounded good.  Another satisfying meal

Lemon - Lamb BurgerLemon is the closest ‘middle of nowhere’ restaurant in the history of middle of nowhere restaurants.  Its very close to the resorts but its not recommended to walk there.  Its dark, full of potholes and the area just looks like a great place for giant man eating mongoose breeding ground.

I was somewhat apprehensive about coming back here especially with Mark no longer around (he’s opening Lupo) and we love and enjoy great middle eastern/med food back at home.  But delicious is delicious, and you can’t discount that.

Recommended Dishes:  Octopus with Chorizo, Chickpea, Date and Sweet Corn Fritter, Lamb Burger, Risotto with Pork

Lemon - Risotto  with PorkLemon  - Octopus

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