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Turks and Caicos – Las Brisas

IMG_7048Las Brisas and Taylor Bay go hand in hand like Lindsay Lohan and court rooms.  This is quite possibly the biggest reason to rent a car in Turks and Caicos.  As you enter the peninsula on chalk drive, you get the spectacular Chalk Sound on your right and picturesque Sapodilla and Taylor Bay on your left.  The trickery of finding Taylor Bay is almost scripted. Like finding horseshoe bend in Arizona, once you get there you are treated with a nice reward.  After spending the morning in Taylor Bay, bring your appetite to Las Brisas for some Spanish tapas, overlooking Chalk Sound.  Try sitting at the gazebo on top for maximum breeziness, and view.Las Brisas - Lobster Salad

On our last lunch last week we had the always reliable Lobster Salad.  They cook the lobster half way and let the acid do the rest.  A semi-ceviche if you will.  The chickpeas and chorizo dish has drastically improved.  Unlike in previous visits, plenty of nice chorizo this time, thicker more pleasant tomato based sauce and nice sautéed onions.  Finally tried their mussels which did not disappoint.  Now that my kids like mussels we order mussels everywhere we go.  Also enjoyed a fine Spanish omelette: Egg and Chorizo, whats not to like.  Another fun lunch at Las Brisas.  In the past we enjoyed their gambas, fish sandwiches, and moreLas Brisas - Chickpeas and Chorizos

As with any tapas joint, the menu needs some studying, and perhaps its one patata bravas away from being complete.  Easily the top tapas restaurant on the island!  Ok, its the only one, but still.  And the view cant be beat.  Closed on Tuesdays

Recommended Dishes:  Chickpeas and Chorizo, Lobster Salad, Spanish omelette

Taylor Bay

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