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George Costanza Rome


This post is dedicated to my Ozzie friend Tanya who is a big Seinfeld fan.

Rome surprised me in many ways.  The Carbonara, the matzoh pizza, the in your face vendors turning into Orange Yogi man.  But the biggest surprise was the abundance of statues and religious figures posing in what I can only describe as George Costanza poses.  While the poses are indeed different than that infamous Costanza pose, that was the first thing that popped into my sick mind.  Can anyone explain this to me.  We are fortunate enough to be able to travel all over the world but I don’t recall ever seeing this.  And on daily basisItaly - 2013 1811

Italy - 2013 2187

“show me angry.  now show me sleepy..  ye that’s it…”

Italy - 2013 2612

“show me sexy… not a full smile.. just a smirk..that’s it”

Italy - 2013 1930

“Miror mirror in my hand.  Whos the prettiest king on land”

Italy - 2013 2094

On the last day we even spotted this sign of a restaurant.  I think it confirms it

Italy - 2013 2266

More statue and fountain images.  The last one is for momcat, the hardest working woman on Trip Advisor.

“I cant feel my right arm”.  “You cant feel it because its fake”

Italy - 2013 2478

Italy - 2013 1822 Italy - 2013 2510 Italy - 2013 2505 Italy - 2013 2283

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